About Saudi International Airshow 2021


Did you know that Saudi Arabia is the United States’ largest foreign military sales (FMS) customer and is our second largest trading partner? There are over $100 billion in active FMS cases, and this impressive fact sets the stage for a terrific US-presence at the SIA21.

A thriving aviation industry brings many advantageous benefits to a local economy and Saudi Arabia has already emerged as a key transportation location for the Middle East, accounting for 4.6% of total GDP in 2018. Saudi Arabia features an amazing 27 airports, and handled over 99 million passengers in 2018! Saudi Arabia also has largest market for aircraft parts in the Middle East, with imports from the US averaging nearly $2b annually over a recent 5-year period.

Infrastructure projects, training programs, manufacturing… this market is open for partnerships, and American exporters have shown strong interest in satisfying this obvious local demand. Consider coming to this edition of SIA to get in on this exporters paradise!


Kallman Worldwide is excited to announce that we will organize the USA Partnership Pavilion at Saudi International Airshow 2021. Because of our long-standing track record of successfully promoting US-industry in similar regional events, we are uniquely positioned to help you capitalize on America’s export advantage at this show.

  • Start planning now to build an upgraded turnkey or custom space in a high traffic location.
  • Anticipate visits from numerous dignitaries and officials from the U.S. and key international/local markets.
  • Take advantage of our close cooperation with the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Defense and State to gain market insights in advance of the show that can help you capture more attention and interest on-site.
  • PR and media support along the way will amplify the collective U.S. presence and spotlight your specific news.

Stay connected for valuable news and updates as the show approaches to ensure you gain the most ROI from exhibiting in the USA Partnership Pavilion at the Saudi International Airshow.

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