Endeavour Mission 3: Chile

Meet the members of the Endeavour Mission #3 from Chile! 

The Astronaut Al Worden Endeavour Scholarship Foundation and Kallman Worldwide, in association with Chilean partners - the U.S. Embassy and Arturo Merino Benitez Foundation (AMBF) - are pleased to announce the selection of the 2020 Al Worden Endeavour scholarship recipients. Partners selected four students and one educator to form the ‘Endeavour Mission #3 – Chile” team. (Xanax)

The selected students demonstrated drive, determination and a desire to further their studies in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics along with a passion to contribute to that body of knowledge and pursue careers as engineers and explorers.


the Students


Felipe Galaz Jara

Felipe is a student of the Tantauco School, part of the Arturo Merino Benítez foundation and is an outstanding scholar. The son of a Senior Master Sergeant of the Chilean Air Force, Felipe wishes to continue his family’s military heritage as a pilot in the Chilean Air Force. He recognizes that he needs to work hard to achieve his life goals and is prepared to put every effort into his future endeavours.


Manu Pardo Rivas

Manu is mad about science, with a penchant for particle physics, quantum computing and bioinformatics, and holds a passion for satellites and rockets. Outside of school he is an active member of the SIMES Science Academy, where he manages the satellite's program and is currently developing nanosatellites. He holds an ISS Ambassador role to encourage the interest for science amongst other students. Additional hobbies include amateur radio and flight simulation. Manu plans to continue his study in Aerospace Engineering and is focused on becoming part of the future of space exploration. He is a huge fan of Star Wars – may the force be with you!


Tomás Meier Aparicio

Tomás is amongst the high achievers in his year group at Nuestra Señora de Loreto school. An enthusiastic team player, he is proud to be a Mission 3 crew member and hopes to use this opportunity to broaden his interest in the development of instruments used for space exploration, specifically telescopes. Keen to participate in extra-curricular activities both in and out of school, he gives 100% to every project and believes his drive, determination and focus will allow him to achieve his life goals.


Valentina Trecaman Niklitschek

Valentina loves nature and is a strong conservationist. She and believes that scientific and technological development, based around human values, alongside the action of communities, is the key to care and conservation of the environment and its species. Valentina sees a future for the combination of science and art and mixes her scientific studies and participation in environmental movements, with disciplines such as ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. She strives to promote her strong environmental messages through these mediums to engage with as broad an audience as possible.




"I believe educators should be role models, with the gift of enhancing the lives of their students.  The opportunity offered by the Endeavour Scholarship could be life changing!"

- Fabiola Salinas Díaz


Johnny Wee Hong Shen

Fabiola Salinas Díaz

Fabiola was born and raised in Santiago. After finishing school she studied astronomy and at the end of her career she realized that she always liked to teach, so she started studying again to become a physics teacher. She loves science but she always cared about helping their friends to understand it and to allow them to feel science as fun and interesting as it was for her. That's why she started to prepare herself to become an astronomy teacher for students and for other teachers also. She had work in public schools, university and projects related to astronomy teaching. Nowadays she is studying a physics's master and teaching in Universidad de La Frontera.

She believes that teachers are more than people that teach what they know about. She believes teachers can make a bond with their students and help them in every aspect of their lives. They could become a parent for the students, a friend who advises or even a role model (for what to do and what not to do). That's why it is very important for her to learn about every experience in life that can give her a new lesson to transmit to more students. In other aspects of her life, she likes to make friends and in her free time she likes to exercise, go out dancing, singing and book reading. She loves chocolate and all types of pastries and bakeries but she is not very good at cooking.


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