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As global progress spawns a growing middle class, fragile or fledgling infrastructure is feeling pressure to serve a relentless demand for safe electricity and water. Industry is responding with innovative thinking and new technologies to meet the massive-scale challenges ahead.

Since our founder, Jerry Kallman, Sr., brought the first U.S. delegation to IFAT in Munich in 1966, we’ve been plugged into the worldwide utilities business. Today, against a backdrop of increasing environmental pressures, heightened public safety and national security concerns and a global trend toward renewables, Kallman connects you across the grid with more prospects to energize your global growth. Our current circuit features Middle East Electricity and Singapore International Water Week, two centerpiece shows that attract the power structure of the industry to regional markets that are investing billions to keep pace with surging prosperity. IFT Energy, part of Kallman’s suite of events under the “Interational Fairs of Technology” banner, is a featured and growing annual event in Chile. And our Creative Services division builds custom stands at these and other electricity and waste events around the world.

Feel the power! Review the events below to learn where we go, who we know and how to make the most of every Kallman-affiliated utility show.