Kallman Salutes National Export Week, World Trade Month, and the Values that Build Confidence in Global Trade Partnerships

Kallman Salutes National Export Week, World Trade Month, and the Values that Build Confidence in Global Trade Partnerships

Waldwick, NJ / May 3, 2023 — In recognition of the U.S. Commercial Service’s National Export Week and the start of World Trade Month this week, Kallman Worldwide saluted the global trade industry and reiterated the company’s longstanding support for the U.S. Commerce Department’s commitment to strengthening the nation’s economy through exports.  

“Global trade is a year-round conversation punctuated by events, and National Export Week is an event that moves that conversation forward on behalf of American industry, particularly the 300,000 small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are the backbone of the U.S. export community,” said Kallman Worldwide President and CEO, Tom Kallman.   

Celebrating its 60th year in the business of advancing global trade, Kallman Worldwide is best known as the leading organizer of U.S. industry at international trade shows. The company earned the President’s “E” Award for trade promotion in 2012 and “E Star” Award in 2022 for its extraordinary efforts to help U.S. exporters connect digitally to international markets when the pandemic shut down live events in 2020.   

“When we talk about exporting, it’s not just about the transaction of goods and services between countries,” said Kallman. “It’s about advancing the core values underlying those transactions such as enterprise, community, resilience, and service that make America the world’s preferred choice for innovation and partnership at every link in the supply chain.”  

Perhaps no period over the past 60 years of company history proves the point more than Kallman’s emergence from the pandemic. As the trade show industry rebounded, the company introduced new product and service offerings and leveraged its legacy of corporate social responsibility to forge deeper connections with international trade influencers, thought leaders, and decision makers on behalf of the U.S. export community.  

  • Kallman’s well-established event management and creative services businesses, which to date have helped more than 10,000 companies, organizations and government agencies advance their export interests on-site and online, recovered their pre-pandemic trade show schedules and then some, with more than 45 events on the 2023-2024 calendar.  
  • The company partnered with Sourcehere.com, a robust new global supply chain networking platform, to give suppliers 24/7 access to buyers around the world in each of Kallman’s target industry markets, including aerospace, defense and security, food and beverage, healthcare, mining, oil, gas and energy. In addition to round-the-clock utility, Sourcehere serves as the exhibitor directory for all Kallman events. The result is seamless integration between attendees and exhibitors on-site and online, and equal access for large and small businesses alike.  
  • The Astronaut Al Worden Endeavour Scholarship, a future workforce initiative launched by the Kallman Foundation at the 2019 Paris Air Show to inspire the next generation of engineers and explorers, awarded scholarships of a hands-on week at Space Camp in Huntsville, AL to 43 high school students and 9 educators representing Australia, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Chile, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The program will return to Le Bourget for the 2023 Paris Air Show next month to announce the first French class of Endeavour recipients.  

“The pandemic was an epic wake-up call to exporters everywhere, and I’m proud of the way our customers and stakeholders responded to the challenge," said Kallman. “Technology gave us the tools to survive in the short term and strengthen for long-term growth and stability as the market came back. And when the dust settled, none of it was at the expense of the live, face-to-face human connections that have been the foundation of global trade since the beginning of time.  

“If there’s one message I’d encourage everyone to take away from National Export Week 2023,” he said, “it’s ‘Be prepared.’ You can never take global trade for granted.”  



Since 1963, Kallman Worldwide has worked with individuals and organizations in more than 50 nations to advance global trade in STEM-driven industries and supply chains. The company’s portfolio of international trade shows, event management services, custom stand building and design, supply chain networking tools, and workforce advocacy programs connects thousands of buyers and suppliers to more opportunities around the world every year. As an international U.S. representative, Kallman is a strategic partner of the U.S. Department of Commerce and a proud recipient of the President’s “E” and “E Star” Awards for its export promotion efforts and active role in aiding U.S. exporters. The company is headquartered in Waldwick, NJ, with U.S. satellite offices in Washington, DC and Houston, TX, a Latin America office in Santiago, Chile, and a bureau in London, UK. For more information, visit www.kallman.com.   



Taylor Kammerman
Marketing & Communications Specialist
Kallman Worldwide, Inc.