In 2023, Kallman Worldwide celebrates 60 years in the business of advancing global trade, connecting suppliers and buyers wherever, whenever, however we can. Your business is a year-round conversation punctuated by trade events, and so is ours. “KW60” shares our values and keys to success for building and strengthening international trade relationships.

Got a Minute?

"KW60 Minutes" are a new and growing collection of 60-second (-ish) blog posts from Kallman staff and friends recalling past experiences and success stories. We're sharing them to inform fresh insights and inspire new ideas for connecting suppliers and buyers around the world in the decades to come.

Pioneering trade shows and exhibitions

In the year-round conversation punctuated by events, our preference has always been the exclamation point! 

A creative force on the show floor

We get ideas. And then we build them.

Supply chains are people, too.

At every link, our job is to connect you with the people you need to know — and who need to know you. 

An active advocate for the future workforce

We were talking STEM before it was an acronym. Now it’s an imperative from classrooms through careers. 

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