Update: Pavilion COVID Safety Plans

Your Safety is our Business!

Kallman Worldwide’s position as U.S. agent at international trade events is contingent upon our satisfaction that partners are working to a high level of health and safety. Safeguarding our clients on the show site is our #1 priority and we work hard to ensure our stringent guidelines are met.  This includes working with the venue, show organizer teams, service providers and in some cases local government representatives.

Kallman's USA Partnership Pavilions follow stringent cleaning guidelines, especially in areas where our clients, visitors and guest are likely to be networking.  From our designs of booths, meeting points and conference rooms to Opening Ceremonies, networking receptions and presentations, the USA Partnership Pavilions has been defined and refined with our exhibitors’ priorities in mind.   

When exhibiting with Kallman Worldwide you can rest assured in the knowledge we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for business, with our resources, focus, and innovation directed towards reducing the transmission of COVID-19 on-site.

Please read below for a summary of the best practices for delivering a safe pavilion to our exhibitors and attendees in response to COVID-19:

Physical Distancing

  • Badging/ Show Registration: Determine show implementation a touchless badge, pick up process
  • Crowd Density: Control the number of visitors allowed into the venue each day.
  • Visitor Admission: Stagger admission to the venue, assign time slots for entry, or extend the show hours. We recommend to our exhibitors to schedule meetings in advance to maximize experience onsite with limited interactions.
  • Attendee Quality: Now more than ever it is important to allow only top-quality attendees into the show.
  • Floor Planning: All aisles less than 3m will be designated “one-way” with appropriate signage.
  • Build-up/ Breakdown Schedule: Confirm any contractor limitations for the stand construction as well as any extended or reduced hours to accommodate overnight sanitizing.
  • Eliminate Physical Contact: We will post signs throughout the pavilion encouraging alternative greetings to the handshake such as a nod or wave.
  • Monitoring & Control: Inquire about additional staffing onsite to mitigate and enforce all the proper safety protocols within the halls and pavilion.

Sanitization & Hygiene

  • Common Area/ Venue Cleaning: Enforce all venues and common areas such as restrooms be sanitized often and/or between uses.
  • Overall Pavilion Cleaning: Ensure booths will be sanitized nightly by a hired staff. We will also have a standby cleaning staff onsite/ available for routine daily booth cleanings and waste basket removal.
  • Booth Sanitizing and Waste Removal:Sanitizing supplies will be also provided to each exhibiting company upon arrival.
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations: The Pavilion will have hand sanitizer stations and/or sanitizer pumps positioned in high traffic areas within our hall.
  • Booth Furnishing Options: All US Pavilion Turnkey booths will be outfitted with wipeable surfaces, fabric chairs will not be offered at this time.


  • First Aid/Medical Staffing Onsite: Ensure properly trained medical staffing are onsite and that we are in contact with them at all times should an emergency arise.
  • Booth Design: All US Pavilion Turnkey booth packages will include a plexi divider to be placed on counter tops. Additional dividers will be available for rent via our accessory forms.
  • Contact Tracing: Ensure US clients are aware of the show organizers procedures for alerting personnel of contact with a positive case.
  • Temperature Screening: Inquire if venuesa will be implementing temperature screening to all exhibitors and attendees upon entering the site.
  • Quarantine Area: Ensure anyone scanned with a high temperature or showing signs of illness will be brought into a designated quarantine area for further medical evaluation.
  • Facemasks: We will require face masks to be worn at all times within the Pavilion. Masks will be provided to any US exhibitors who do not have the proper face coverings.

Adapted Kallman Services

  • Digital Exhibitor Profile: Kallman’s Guide to USA Pavilion Visitors will now be 100% digital. With QR codes throughout the pavilion for touchless transfer of your company’s detailed profile to interested visitors.
  • Meeting Point & Exhibitor Lounge: The Kallman Café has been redesigned as a Grab and Go café with no seating. This area will be for pavilion exhibitors only. No guests allowed. One-way traffic flow will be implemented.
  • Complimentary Food & Beverage: All food and beverage will be single serve and individually wrapped. Any self-service areas will be eliminated and will only be served by an appointed staff.
  • Pavilion Check-in:Contactless check process will be implemented. Text or call your onsite Kallman ambassador and they will bring your check in package to your booth. We will also provide as much show information digitally in advance of the show to mitigate the need for physical material distribution during check in.
  • Social Functions/ Events: All social events will be considered for the same safety precautions above. Any venues rented must allow for proper physical distancing in effect. We will review each event on a case by case basis.