Physical + Digital = Phygital

Participation in overseas trade shows is one way to confirm your commitment to customers and strengthen the valued partnerships you have worked so hard to establish. 

Kallman Worldwide is aware of the ongoing challenges, concerns and travel restrictions (corporate and personal) that are impacting U.S. businesses’ ability to attend international trade events and have introduced a number of innovative programs to enable you to continue to promote your products and services to regional markets through our Kallman Connects Digital Program.

A blended experience

Phygital participation offers a blended customer experience where both the physical and the digital coexist through an immersive in-person activity with the immediate opportunity to connect virtually in real-time.  This new system generates physical leads instead of simple collateral collection and eliminates a required human presence whilst simulating the physical experience through digital innovation.

The USA Phygital Showcase© will be introduced to selected shows beginning February 2021, delivering a unique customer experience with the personal touch.

Physically present — Digitally connected

Responding to U.S. industry requests while also acknowledging the lingering challenges, Kallman Worldwide has taken the digital one step further and presents The USA Phygital Showcase - offering company executives in the United States and tradeshow attendees a physical location on the tradeshow floor from which to connect digitally through various online platforms. 

There are a plethora of reasons why your company needs to get Phygital and join this new initiative, which is cost effective and makes perfect business sense.  Drawing on Kallman Worldwide’s 50+ years of experience supporting U.S based exporters, extensive presence at (physical) trade shows, and building on our proven 2020 Digital Trade Mission program.  This high-tech, hybrid solution offers a two-tiered participation approach designed to meet a variety of requirements and budgets. 

Option One


  • Corporate branding on the centrally located high quality, custom built Showcase.
  • Invitation to attend Digital Forums conducted with VIP Delegates both pre-show and during the event. 
  • QR-coded product information, and the option to deliver your company’s (video) message to show delegates and attendees.
  • The Kallman Phygital team of trade show professionals will be on-hand to collect lead referrals.  Touchless badge scanners will assure data collection from all interested parties.  Your contact details can also be shared with visiting delegates, and your follow-up can begin the very next day.


Option Two

This premium package includes all the benefits of The USA Phygital Showcase, plus ... 

  • The full rights and benefits of a “physical” exhibitor of the show (listing in the Official Show Directory, pre-show promotion on show website etc.) 
  • The ability to set advance meetings or be called upon for meetings with visiting delegates during the show - all conducted from the privacy of your virtual conference room.
  • Delivery of your specific ‘greeting’ message for walk-up visitors.  The Kallman Phygital team will screen the visitor as per your instruction, and if appropriate, connect them with you via your preferred digital platform – right then and there. 
  • Connection with other exhibitors through the Kallman Phygital team, who will visit stands and arrange virtual meetings on your behalf.
  • Every digital meeting will be conducted from your own virtual private conference-room.

The USA Phygital Showcase at IDEX 2021

Set for February 21-25, IDEX is the undisputed champion of defense shows in the MENA region and one of the top two defense trade events in the world.  The new USA Phygital Showcase offers a blended customer experience where both the physical and digital coexist through an immersive in-person exhibit with the immediate opportunity to connect in real-time with company representatives back in the United States.  The USA Phygital Showcase will feature up to 20 U.S. firms unable to attend IDEX in person, yet eager to keep their brand visible among the nearly 1,200 exhibitors, and more importantly, ready, willing, and able to connect with the expected 65,000+ attendees walking the aisles and participating in the show.