Exhibitor Services

Exhibitor Services

Simply deciding to go to a show doesn’t get you there. Kallman Exhibitor Services is your hedge against the distance, details and distractions that could derail your efforts — before they get in your way. Our team is here to help!

Professional staff. Professional results.

Exhibiting at an international trade event is a proven investment in your future, but simply deciding to go to a show doesn’t get you there. It takes a lot of moving parts and people to sell a big idea in another country. Our team is here for you from concept to show floor, making sure you're ready to connect globally.

Kallman Exhibitor Services is your hedge against the distance, details and distractions that could derail your efforts. Every Kallman show is staffed with a professional team of Exhibitor Services Specialists who are responsible for every aspect of your exhibit experience right from the start. Before you even begin to plan, we're processing, reading through the extensive documentation and instructions of the Official Show Exhibitor Manual to pinpoint and extract the information you need to know into a simple list of things you'll have to do. We're also briefing our builders, installers, designers and haulers to ensure your turnkey or custom stand will comply with all show regulations and meet your exact specifications.


The Exhibitor Portal

The Exhibitor Portal is your anytime connection to Exhibitor Services. Each show has its own Zone. Find yours and with just a click, you'll be able to access all the event information, options and contacts you need to plan and manage your stand from start to finish, including design and promotional upgrades to help you stand out even more from the crowd.

Submit company listing & information for Sourcehere.com - USA Partnership Pavilion partner & digital Guide to Exhibitors

Add custom company logos on your headers and counters to help your company name pop.

Furniture upgrades to meet specifications for enhanced functionality such as group meetings, presentations and hospitality.

Submit graphics in multiple sizes such as “seamless”, full panel and poster size.

Audio visual equipment to attract — and hold! — more attention.

Full custom booth desgins and interiors are available through our Creative Services department for all space only exhibitors.

Tools & resources

Now that your information is secure in our system, manage all of your stand building and design online.

Venue and Show Access — Review show-specific details to help you get to and around the site, including official hours (build-up, dismantle, and exhibitor access), protective clothing requirements and how to pick up your badges.

Turnkey Booth Rendering — Confirm or upgrade all the turnkey features in your contract.

Graphic Guidelines and Uploads — Ensure the graphic presentation of your stand — including the placement of logos, photos, illustrations and decorations — is current and correct.

Visa, Hotel, Travel Information — Review visa requirements and current travel information from the U.S. Department of State.

Exhibitor Communications — Reference emails we've sent to keep you up to date on the progress of the show, the Pavilion and your booth.

Our Preferred Vendors

One of the benefits of being in the exhibitor services business for more than 50 years is developing great relationships with other providers of services for exhibitors, such as travel, transportation, accommodations, in-country communications and worldwide shipping — and sharing them with you!

TWI Group

As the official freight forwarder of the USA Partnership Pavilion, serving the tradeshow community for over 40 years, we recommend TWI for all your shipping and freight forwarding needs.

RW Events

RW Events is the market leader in providing event accommodation, travel and consultancy for worldwide events. We pride ourselves on our personal services, attention to detail and on-site support.

4 Wall

4 Wall specializes in providing audio visual and IT services in exhibitions, conferences, and events worldwide. Known for their service and reputation, Kallman Worldwide recommends 4 Wall for all your audio and IT needs.


Cellhire is an international Mobile Solutions company that offers a broad range of rental services including international cell phones, BlackBerry devices, 3G data cards, and a host of satellite options.

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