The California Global Connect program has provided 50+ California companies the chance to speak directly with buying authorities in Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Building on that success, we now transition from Latin America to Europe to showcase California capabilities to a receptive EU market. For the renewable energy and advanced transportation sectors, our next stops are Spain and Portugal.

During this two-nation / four-part mission, qualified California renewable energy and advanced transportation companies will hear from, and meet with, potential business partners that include government regulators, utility executives, and private-sector project management firms from both Spain and Portugal, two of the European countries that are moving most rapidly to embrace new approaches to energy production and usage, and clean transport options.

California delegates will first meet in a group setting with key players who will explain their organizations' plans, priorities and procurement process to everyone on the mission. After the group presentations California delegates will have opportunities to meet privately one-on-one with relevant authorities to present their products and services and receive immediate feedback on next steps forward.


Spain is focusing on renewables and estimated spending of USD 14.8 million per year until 2030 for energy storage to decrease CO2 emissions.

Spain is focusing on increasing the use of renewable energy. Renewable energy in Spain reached 52 percent and, for the first time, exceeded the other generation technologies with the integration of an additional 6,528 MW of new renewable generation in 2019.

The Spanish Utilities Association estimates that Spain needs an investment of 6.5 GW of storage to meet its Strategic Energy and Climate Framework objectives, with an investment of USD 14.8 million per year until 2030 for energy storage. The Plan quantifies a total of USD 264 billion, in the period 2021-2030, annually around 2 percent of GDP, of which only 20 percent would come from public sources. The figure covers key sectors, mainly renewables, energy efficiency, storage, grids and non-energy sectors. These investments are the main driver of the projected positive impacts on growth for 2021-2030 for Spain.

Focus on Renewable Hydrogen: Increased use of renewable hydrogen is going to play a vital role in reaching the national targets. The Spanish government has developed the county’s “Hydrogen Roadmap: A Commitment to Renewable Hydrogen” plan to contribute to achieving climate neutrality and a 100% renewable electricity system by 2050.

Source: US Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, Commercial Service, Madrid



Portugal, too, has ambitious large-scale plans in the renewable energy sector. In its’ STRATEGIC VISION NATIONAL ENERGY AND CLIMATE PLAN 2021-2030 the country proclaims its intention to “Promote the decarbonization of the economy and the energy transition, aiming at carbon neutrality in 2050, as an opportunity for the country, based on a democratic and fair model of territorial cohesion that promotes the generation of wealth and efficient use of resources”.

And in Portugal, too, the pathway to get to its objective is through renewable hydrogen. The Portuguese government is promoting an industrial policy around hydrogen and renewable gases, which is based on the definition of a set of public policies that guide, coordinate and mobilize public and private investment in projects in the areas of production, storage, transport and consumption of renewable gases in Portugal.

Sources: Republica Portuguesa, Environment and Climate Action and the US Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, Commercial Service, Lisbon


Step-by-step Session Format

The overall program is composed of five component segments that take place over the course of up to three weeks.

1- Upon registration and acceptance into the program all program participants will be provided briefing materials to assure a common foundation and up-to-date summary of current market conditions. 

2- In advance of the live interactive online event each company’s profile including product information, web links and video messaging (if provided) will be circulated to the panel of foreign presenters / participants. 

3- Group Session(s): Presentations by vetted buying authorities who have expressed interest in the products and services provided by the delegation. Each presentation culminates in Q&A opportunities for the delegates. 

4- B2B Meetings: With the information provided by each delegate, we request that our presenter(s) recommend a specific individual/office with relevant interest and management responsibility to meet with the delegates one-on-one. Depending on availability, the meetings may take place on the same day as the group discussions or may be scheduled for a later, mutually-agreed, time and date.


Participation Benefits

·    Access into the combined global connections of Governor Gavin Newsom’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), the U.S. Department of Commerce, and Kallman Worldwide

·    Gather firsthand action-oriented market intelligence, and stay a step ahead of your competitors

·    Learn how and where to focus your export sales and marketing efforts

·    Be introduced to sources of ongoing advice /assistance / representation in the markets with the most potential for you

·    Receive pre-event briefing materials to lay a solid foundation and let you “hit the ground running” on game day

·    Promote your innovations and products by submitting a company description that will be shared with the content provider(s) in advance of the event

·    Experience greater personalized attention since there will be only 10-12 other companies per event, fostering an intimate experience and increased dialogue

·    Build on the discussions initiated during our introductory session with one-on-one conversations with interested buying authorities


Special Note: Require minimal investment to achieve maximum results: Go Biz will use funds allocated under the federal STEP program to subsidize the participation cost for qualifying Californian companies


Meet Your Team

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Carolyn Carniaux

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Peter McKenna

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