Why Defense & Security 2022?

With the threat of terrorism (both foreign and domestic) in the region continuing to increase and regional actors becoming ever more aggressive with threats of territorial expansion, Thailand and other ASEAN nations’ requirement for new defense & security equipment and technology has never been greater.

Why Exhibit in the USA Partnership Pavilion?

As the official US agent to Defense & Security Thailand for the last four editions, Kallman Worldwide has cultivated relationships with members of the Thai military and other key stakeholders in the region. Make our connections your connections.

Experience more of what you're going for at Defense & Security 2022!

Kallman Worldwide creates unique opportunities for you to strengthen business relationships in Bangkok by maximizing your impact at Defense & Security 2022. Learn about our exclusive program features here, and start planning to take advantage of them there.

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Winning in Ukraine: a French perspective

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Ukraine getting battalion’s worth of artillery in new $100 million aid package

The U.S. is sending Ukraine another $100 million in military assistance, including heavy artillery and counter-artillery radars...

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As a member of the Aerospace & Defense team, I have the privilege of operating along side you and my colleagues in dynamic and constantly evolving industries.  Everyday I look forward to utilizing the skills I've honed, and experiences had in 10 years of sales across three unique industries.  It is my intention to develop a deep understanding of your company, ascertain your goals, and help you achieve business success in markets around the world. I will always take your mission personally!      

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