The demand for tri-service defense and security needs in India and the Asia Pacific region are growing and so is DefExpo!

The show will attract high-ranking commercial, military and government delegations - the USA Partnership Pavilion will be a focal point for anyone looking for U.S. innovation, quality and commitment.

Peter Kelley Project Manager
Peter Kelley
Project Manager
Show Focus

DefExpo will specifically address the nation's need to balance its rapidly growing economy with defense preparedness and the opening of defense production to the private sector. If you have long-term goals in India, this edition of the show will be an invaluable source of ground-level intelligence and insight that you're just not going to pick up from a distance.

DefExpo presents three core sector opportunities:

Military Aviation
Modernization is the theme here. The wish list emphasizes:

  • New Technology such as 3D printing for parts, Nano technology, smart materials, AESA radar, infrared seeker and sensor technology
  • MRO infratructure for airframes, engines, rotors, test and ground support equipment

Supply Chain Partnerships
Expansion of the U.S./India Defense Technology Trade Initiative leveraging convergence of our countries' industrial and technological capabilities is coinciding with "Make in India" policies and corresponding incentives for Foreign Direct Investment. In other words, this is a unique moment of strategic opportunity for U.S. suppliers. From sophisticated components to nut-&-bolts hardware, American exhibitors who are prepared to help India modernize from the inside will find eager partners at DefExpo 2022.

Homeland Security
India’s homeland security market in is spread across government spending and private security business. Government of India intends to use private industry in IT and engineering design as a way to meet the needs of homeland security.

Defense Systems
Tactical communication system, air defense artillery's equipment, 155 mm caliber guns, light utility, transport and attack helicopters, soldier's protective gear and much more is needed to keep India on pace with the strongest global military powers.


USA Partnership Pavilion

The USA Partnership Pavilion is your export advantage at DefExpo. Because it presents the highest concentration of U.S. equipment and services at the show, it's a magnet for buyers looking for American quality, innovation and partnership.

In addition to our complete suite of pre-show, on-site and post-show services, capitalize on the extra attention, activities and access we're planning to generate for American suppliers through our many in-country associations and relationships. Plus the Pavilion location is the ideal spot for any company looking to network with local industry leaders!