Over the course of this two-part mission qualified U.S. companies will be introduced to acquisition officials from the UAE, potential industrial partners in the UAE and U.S. government officials who can offer assistance in the sales process. Delegates will first meet publicly with these officials who will explain their plans, priorities and procurement process to the full group. For phase two of the program, U.S. companies will have opportunities to meet privately one-on-one with government and private sector officials to present their products and services.

Why Space Technology in the UAE?

Space will become one of the UAE’s most promising sectors and a pillar of economic growth in the near future. The UAE’s mission to the International Space Station and the Hope mission to Mars were major steps to position the country as a global player in space exploration and STEM-related disciplines. These important developments are paving the way for new investment opportunities that could take the UAE’s space economy to new heights, further reinforcing the country’s status as a leader of innovation.

The U.S. and U.A.E. have expanded partnerships in space exploration and human spaceflight. NASA and the UAE Space Agency’s 2018 Implementing Arrangement has paved the way for future cooperation in research, the exchange of space-related knowledge, and deepened commercial ties in the world of space.





There are opportunities for U.S. in the space segment given the ambitious UAE space program. The UAE is committed to establishing itself as a regional hub for civil and commercial space activities.

The UAE Space Agency (UAESA) Launched 2014 in Abu Dhabi

  • Directs UAE national space program
  • Creates space policy and regulation
  • Supports the development of UAE engineers and scientists
  • Joined the International Space Exploration Coordination Group in Oct 2014
  • Signed collaboration agreements with NASA, Japan, and China
  • MOU with the U.K., Italy, and Russia

Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) Launched 2006 Dubai

  • Founded in 2006 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE and ruler of Dubai
  • Integrated with the existing Emirates Institution for Advanced Science & Technology (EIAST).
  • Recruiting future astronauts and will begin the selection process for astronauts that will undergo a 2.5-year training
  • Astronaut training solutions are an area of opportunity


In July 2020, the UAESA and the MBRSC launched an unmanned probe spacecraft that will orbit Mars and study its climate and atmosphere.

Spacecraft Platform for Astronautic and Celestial Emulation (SPACE) laboratory

Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi opened its new laboratory Spacecraft Platform for Astronautic and Celestial Emulation (SPACE) laboratory in 2015, a $27 million SPACE center, funded by the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. The lab is equipped with special Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), robots, and sensing systems that help to mimic actual conditions in space.


YAHSAT: a subsidiary of the UAE Government-owned Mubadala Development, which offers a range of communication services including - voice, internet and television. They currently have two satellites in orbit and launched a thrid in 2018, the Al Yah 3 satellite. Al Yah 3 will extend Yahsat's broadband services to 19 countries across Brazil and Africa.

2016 NASA and UAESA Framework Agreement

June 2016, NASA and UAESA signed a framework agreement to cooperate on aeronautics research and exploration and to use airspace and outer space for peaceful purposes. The scope of the agreement covers space science, operational Earth observation and Earth science, aeronautics, space operations and exploration, education, technology, and safety and mission assurance. Under the framework, the agencies also signed an Implementing Arrangement to formalize cooperation in the exploration of Mars. The arrangement establishes a joint steering group to guide discussions about potential future projects that contribute to the exploration of Mars. There was also a human spaceflight agreement signed by NASA and UAESA leadership in October 2018, further deepening bilateral cooperation. Additionally, the two agencies plan to collaborate on education and public outreach programs and joint workshops, with the goal of facilitating the exchange of scientific data, scientists, engineers, and views and experiences on relevant regulatory frameworks and standards.

Future areas of collaboration could include the joint use of aircraft; scientific instruments aboard spacecraft; ground-based research facilities; spacecraft and space research platforms; and ground-based antennas for tracking, telemetry, and data acquisition. The United States and the UAE also plan to collaborate on lunar exploration and are looking at how the UAE can support with the Artemis Accord. The UAE is tentatively hosting the International Astronautical Congress in October 2021. In addition, the World Expo in Dubai will include programming about space.

Source: United Arab Emirates - Market Overview (trade.gov)

Step-by-step Session Format

1) Upon registration, companies must complete a short form to provide information necessary to ensure company suitability for the mission and appropriate arrangement of one-on-one meetings. Further information may be requested prior to the mission.

2) You will be provided briefing materials to assure a common foundation and up-to-date summary of the program.

3) In advance of the live interactive online event each company’s profile including product information, web links and video messaging (if provided) will be circulated to the panel of foreign presenters/participants.

4) Group Session(s): Presentations by vetted buying authorities who have expressed interest in the products and services provided by the delegation. Each presentation culminates in Q&A opportunities for the delegates.

5) 1-on-1 Meetings: With the information provided by each delegate, we request that our presenter(s) recommend a specific individual/office with relevant interest and management responsibility to meet with the delegates one-on-one. Depending on availability, the meetings will take place the latter-part of Day 2 and/or Day 3. If required, the meetings may be scheduled for a later, mutually-agreed, time and date.


Participation Benefits

·    Access into the combined global connections of the U.S. Department of Commerce and Kallman Worldwide

·    Gather firsthand action-oriented market intelligence, and stay a step ahead of your competitors

·    Learn how and where to focus your export sales and marketing efforts

·    Be introduced to sources of ongoing advice /assistance / representation in the markets with the most potential for you

·    Receive pre-event briefing materials to lay a solid foundation and let you “hit the ground running” on game day

·    Promote your innovations and products by submitting a company description that will be shared with the content provider(s) in advance of the event

·    Experience greater personalized attention since there will be only 10-12 other companies per event, fostering an intimate experience and increased dialogue

·    Build on the discussions initiated during our introductory session with one-on-one conversations with interested buying authorities



$2,000 per company & Digital Trade Mission

Qualified Small Businesses are eligible for STEP reimbursement

Contact Jason Rubin to discuss your needs and receive a quote. These services may be reimbursable through your state's STEP program.


AeroGo, Inc.

  • 1170 Andover Park W, Tukwila, WA 98188 | (206) 357-7870
Innovative load moving solutions utilizing hovercraft technology or wheels. Industrial equipment designed and engineered to move heavy, awkward, or delicate loads.
Contact: Barbara Kiliz, MarComm kiliz.b@aerogo.com

Air Informatics LLC

  • 800 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104 | (646) 645-5279
Air Informatics LLC provides information, communication, informatics, analytics and cybersecurity services for the aviation and space industries. Our clients are private corporations, government agencies, aircraft and original equipment manufacturers, airports, airlines, corporate aircraft owner, supplier, maintainer, and service providers. We advise, consult, analyze, provide aircraft, fleet, services, and digital content, manage the aircraft and spacecraft. We have design and operation experience to provide cybersecurity for the aviation and space community.
Contact: Bruce Jackson, President bpj1@airinformatics.com

Gladiator Technologies

  • 8020 Bracken Place SE, Snoqualimie, WA 98065 | (425) 396-0829
Gladiator Technologies is a manufacturer of inertial systems and sensors for precision measurement applications.
Contact: Eric Yates, VP New Business Development eric.yates@gladiatortechnologies.com

MXT Reality

  • 3200 1st Ave South, Seattle, WA 98134 | (503) 720-6816
MXTreality creates immersive XR experiences, with a specialization in multi-sensory Virtual and Augmented Reality for both B2B and B2C. Founded in 2013, the Seattle based company has created over 100 XR experiences for education, training, gaming, medical, and tourism. Clients include aerospace, medical institutions, art galleries, museums, tourist attractions, architecture firms, government agencies and more. MXTreality applications have been downloaded over 2.5M times and see 1,000+ users a day. MXT believes in creating immersive and engaging experiences for everyone, on every device.
Contact: Jeff Rayner, CEO jeffr@mxtreality.com

Off Planet Research

  • 5700 Lacey Boulevard SE, Lacey, WA 98503 | (425) 931-7165
OPR is a private research company that strives to enable a meaningful, enduring human presence beyond Earth orbit by helping organizations learn how to live and work on the Moon, Mars, and other worlds safely and productively. We produce high quality simulants (test materials) that emulate the regolith and ices on the Moon and other planetary bodies. We design, adapt, and test components and processes for inclusion in future missions. These resources dramatically increase mission assurance, cost effectiveness, and speed of development of safe and effective space-based technologies.
Contact: Melissa Roth, Founder & Lead Researcher melissa@offplanetresearch.com

Simontic Composite Inc.

  • P.O. Box 1584, Kent, WA 98035 | (206) 390-1995
At Simontic Composites, we specialize in the design, analysis, manufacturing, and testing of laminated, 2D, 3D braided, and woven composites, complex shape high-temperature carbon-carbon composites, fire-resistant core materials, structurally integrated and re-engineered composites.
Contact: Simon Senibi, President/CEO ssenibi@simonticcomposite.com

Special Aerospace Services

  • 3005 30th Street, Boulder, CO 80301 | (303) 625-1010
Special Aerospace Services is a tactical engineering and advanced manufacturing firm with more than a decade of experience providing cutting-edge solutions to Aerospace, Aviation, Defense and Energy organizations worldwide. SAS provides a full lifecycle of services from strategic advisory and business capture to tactical engineering, systems development, precision manufacturing and recurring program support.
Contact: Heather Bulk, CEO hbulk@specialaerospaceservices.com

Xplore Inc.

  • 7683 SE 27th Street, #308, Mercer Island, WA 98040 | (512) 694-9800
Xplore provides "Missions as a Service" to organizations looking to fly small payloads or cubesat missions anywhere within the Inner Solar System. Services include payload hosting, communication relay, and cubesat deployment. Xplore provides these services on its proprietary small sat spacecraft called Xcraft.
Contact: Russell Hannigan, Senior Director, Advanced Exploration Technology russell.hannigan@xplore.com

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