Why the Dubai Airshow 2021?

 Welcome to the future!

“The UAE is leveraging its geographic location and proximity to international trading routes to play a central role in the global travel and aviation markets.”

That observation from the U.S. International Trade Administration is backed up by big numbers. “According to the UAE Civil Aviation Authority, the country’s aviation sector alone is valued at $80 billion, employs over 250,000 direct hires and approximately 225,000 indirect jobs, and accounts for nearly 15 percent of the country’s GDP.”

Why Exhibit in the USA Partnership Pavilion?

In its race to excellence in aerospace, the UAE’s “not-so-secret” weapon is the United States.

As the largest customer for U.S. products and services in the Arab world, and a Top Five global market for U.S. aerospace exports, the UAE is building its big future with a wide scope of dedicated American trade and investment partners, innovative technologies and skilled professionals. In other words, you’re not only welcomed at the Dubai Airshow 2021, you’re expected.

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