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Kallman's operated in Chile for three decades, and we staff a full-time office in Santiago. Capitalize on our inside access to decision-makers and influencers in country to generate more attention and interest at EXPONOR.

Barbara Reyes
Barbara Reyes
Managing Director
Public Sector

U.S. Department of Commerce
The mission of the Department is to create the conditions for America's economic growth and opportunity

U.S. Commercial Service
The U.S. Commercial Service is the trade promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. U.S. Commercial Service trade professionals in over 100 U.S. cities and in more than 75 countries help U.S. companies get started in exporting or increase sales to new global markets.

U.S. Embassy, Santiago
U.S. Embassy Santiago, proudly representing the American people, works to strengthen our bilateral ties with Chile, address global challenges, advance human rights, and further the security and prosperity of the United States. The Americans and Chileans who constitute our team represent many U.S. government agencies and come from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experience and skill to this Embassy. Using the resources entrusted to us, we lead efforts that bring the U.S. and Chile together in a productive and mutually beneficial partnership.

Ministry of Energy, Chile
The Ministry of Energy is the cabinet-level administrative office in charge of matters related to energy in Chile.

Ministry of Mining, Chile
To lead the development of public mining policies aimed at raising the contribution of mining activity to national development, diversifying the activity to take advantage of the resources available in sustainable conditions and valued by the citizens.

Chilean Copper Commission
The Chilean Copper Commission (COCHILCO) is a specialized technical agency established in 1976. Cochilco advises the Chilean government on matters concerning the production of copper and copper byproducts and metals and industrial minerals mining, except coal and fuels. Both Chilean and foreign miners acknowledge Cochilco as a reliable source providing timely assessments of leading sector issues and problem-solving policy, strategy, and action proposals. Given its inclusive nature, Cochilco provides a common ground for public and private players seeking to work on initiatives designed to bolster mining sector growth.

Private Sector

The Chilean North American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham Chile, is a binational chamber of commerce founded in Valparaíso on December 23, 1918. It represents the sectors and companies involved in trade or investing in the United States and/or in Chile, be they local, American or binational.

APRIMIN, the Association of Industrial Suppliers of Mining, was created in December 2003 with the basic objective of promoting the rationalization, development, protection, progress, improvement and information of the mining industry.

SONAMI, the National Mining Society of Chile, has been the reference and voice of small, medium and large private mining in Chile since 1883.


Trade and industry news reports influence the decisions attendees make about where to spend their valuable time during the show. Industry media reports are also critical sources for professionals who can’t attend.

Our long-standing editorial and marketing relationships with leading mining industry media companies bring extra attention and insight to the USA Partnership Pavilion at EXPONOR 2022. Look for real-time Headline News from our industry media partners on our website and at our on-site Newsstand during the event, where you can also pick up copies of their latest publications.

Engineering & Mining Journal
E&MJ has provided in-depth editorial and operational insight to the international mining community for 150 years, and continues to serve the industry with an experienced and knowledgeable editorial staff.

Equipo Minero
Mining professionals throughout Latin and South America trust Equipo Minero for mining news. Published four times a year en Español, Equipo Minero reaches the region's most important producers.

Rock & Dirt
Rock & Dirt is the equipment marketplace.

WorldWideDrilling Resource
"WorldWide's" mission is to serve the industry we have a lot of respect and admiration for - DRILLING - across the globe and beyond. WorldWide Drilling Resource Drilling Magazine brings the most up-to-date information, services, equipment, and technology to the forefront to enable you, whether you are a driller, supplier, distributor, or manufacturer, to perform your job with the least amount of effort possible with the best results. In addition, these magazine articles are a great resource for anyone working in the drilling industry - from the president to the clerk, it will aid you in your everyday work.

In addition to industry-wide PR and media relations efforts, Kallman will work directly with international media leaders to provide news, information and insight to the USA Partnership Pavilion during Exponor 2019.

Social media will play an important role in promoting the Pavilion and the greater U.S. presence at Exponor, too. Join the conversation @kallmanEWC #USPavilion


Antofagasta Industry Association
Leading business association of northern Chile, representing the interests of the leading players in the mining, energy and water sectors.

Exponor is organized by the Antofagasta Industrial Association, AIA, a well-known Chilean business organization with an uninterrupted record of 75 years, which brings together 210 large mining companies and suppliers of goods and services to the industry. The AIA has been a key agent in the strategic development of a Mining Cluster, the second stage of which is currently being implemented in the productive sector. Particular emphasis has been given to promoting associativity, opportunities for professional specialization and organizational development, seminars and platforms for business, all with a marked tendency towards social responsibility. The AIA has developed strategic projects such as SICEP, Don Bosco Technical-Industrial School (Antofagasta and Calama), the Social Responsibility Program, the Center for Business Development,and most recently the Antofagasta Convention Bureau, which aims to promote business-related travel and tourism. These projects support the consolidation of regional and national long-term strategies.