Why Exhibit at Hospitalar 2023?

Hospitalar 2023 – bigger and better than ever! New USA Partnership Pavilion program! Mark your calendars and book your space at THE most important event in Latin America. The spirit of confidence and cooperation, and loosening of Brazilian government restrictions, simplified processes, gives American exhibitors a market advantage at Hospitalar 2023. Brazil is the largest healthcare market in Latin America and spends 9.1% of its GDP in healthcare. Of the approximately 6,500 hospitals, 70% are private. There are approximately 495,000 hospital beds, 96,000 healthcare supplementary services, 432,000 physicians, 144,000 dentists, and 70,000 drugstores. Experts speculate that the Brazilian healthcare industry will recover quickly from Brazil’s recent economic recession. In 2018, investment in R&D for healthcare products could reach US$ 165.8b, a growth of 4.7% from 2017. (Source: ABIIS).

Why the USA Partnership Pavilion?

The USA Partnership Pavilion delivers more, and our Santiago-based Latin America office adds a home-field advantage with fluency in the culture and industry marketplace. Kallman clears the way for more success and sales in Latin and South America at Hospitalar.

As the USA sales partner for Hospitalar 2023, Kallman Worldwide brings decades of experience organizing events and exhibit space in Latin America. Our strong working relationship with the organizers, Informa, ensures efficiency and access to everyone who can get things done.

Work with us to lock in your location, fast-track your forms and maximize your impact at this important, influential event. No matter where you operate in the industry pipeline, Kallman will make sure you have the attention you need to succeed at Hospitalar 2023.

Experience more of what you're going for at Hospitalar 2023!

Kallman Worldwide creates unique opportunities for you to strengthen business relationships in São Paulo by maximizing your impact at Hospitalar 2023.

Meet Your Team

Christina Jennings

Sales Associate

Courtney Serpico

Operations Specialist

Jodi Munzer

Sales Account Executive

Kate Fitzpatrick

Project Administrator
Peter Kelley Project Manager

Peter Kelley

Project Manager