Why Exhibit at EXTEMIN 2022?

The Peruvian Ministry estimates the portfolio of mining projects, including expansions, to be $45.6 billion. Sixty percent of these projects are copper projects, which would increase copper production by 30% (to over 3 million tons) by 2021. The Peruvian government guarantees foreign investors legal stability on income tax regulations and dividend distributions.


Peru’s mining industry has been an essential component of the country’s economic development. The mining sector is Peru’s top export sector. The majority of the growth in this sector is driven by 54 greenfield and expansion projects, with a total investment value of $45 billion, accounting for the majority of the country’s private investment. Peru is considered one of the top ten richest mineral countries in the world. It is one of the world’s biggest producers of base and precious metals. Peruvian laws, regulations, and practices do not discriminate between national and foreign companies.

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Why Exhibit in the U.S.A. Partnership Pavilion?

Kallman Worldwide’s decades of experience organizing the U.S. presence at international shows around the world, including a number of shows in Peru builds on America's advantage to help you stand out at the show. Our USA Partnership Pavilion is your on-site headquarters at PERUMIN - EXTEMIN.


A destination for buyers, a business hub for exhibitors and a forum for all to share ideas and insights. In 2022, in addition to our suite of end-to-end show services, Pavilion exhibitors will benefit from a prominent, high-traffic hall location, access to public- and private-sector VIPs and influencers, exclusive business intelligence from industry thought-leaders and operatives and exclusive networking events.

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) USA and Peru: Trade between Peru and the United States grew 60% since the signing of the trade promotion agreement in 2009 from US $ 9,000 million in 2009 to US $ 16,000 million in 2017, according to the US ambassador in Lima, Krishna. R. Urs.

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Kallman Worldwide creates unique opportunities for you to strengthen business relationships in Peru by maximizing your impact at Perumin | Extemin 2022. Learn about our exclusive program features here, and start planning to take advantage of them there.

Meet Your Team

Barbara Reyes

Barbara Reyes

Managing Director
Claudia Caceres

Claudia Caceres

Sales Account Executive


I’ve worked for more than 12 years in organizing events. Now that I joined the Kallman team, I am happy to contribute with my experience to all the different challenges and following providing a customized service to customers.  

He trabajado por más de 12 años organizando eventos. Ahora que me integré al equipo de Kallman, estoy feliz de poder contribuir con mi experiencia en todos los desafíos que se presenten y seguir otorgando un servicio personalizado a los clientes.

Eva Camus

Project Coordinator

Fernanda Ossa

Marketing Manager


Each project that I work on, it is a new challenge where I put all my efforts for making it successful. Communicating the market trends and innovations in the Kallman projects is an important task. The shaping and promotion of each piece is a job that involves great part of our team. This team work is focused on the satisfaction of our customers and in the new challenges, which it convinces me day-by-day that I am in the right place.

Cada proyecto en el que trabajo, es un nuevo desafío al que le pongo todas las ganas para que sea exitoso. Comunicar las tendencias del mercado y las innovaciones en los proyectos Kallman es una tarea importante. La creación y difusión de cada pieza es un trabajo que involucra a gran parte de los que trabajamos aquí. Ese trabajo en equipo orientado a la satisfacción de nuestros clientes y los nuevos desafíos, es lo que me convence diariamente de que estoy en el lugar correcto.

Lorena Troncoso

Creative Services Sales Executive


I have been working for the last two years in Creative Services at Kallman where I have learned the importance of team work abroad. We move around the world for our clients allowing me to know new cultures and new ways to work which contributed to broaden my professional growth.

Llevo dos años trabajando como Creative Services en Kallman los cuales me han enseñado mucho que es lo que significa el trabajo en equipo en el extranjero. Acompañamos a nuestros clientes a todas partes lo que implica conocer nuevas culturas y nuevas formas de trabajo que han enriquecido mi crecimiento profesional.