Endeavour Mission 2: Singapore

Meet the winners of the Astronaut Al Worden Endeavour Space Camp Challenge 2020! 

Four students and one teacher from the Ping Yi Secondary School will be representing Singapore at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center’s renowned Space Camp in Huntsville, AL in August 2021! The compeition was fierce, with many groups of students submitting their responses to a space exploration challenge in the form of a five-minute video. The videos were reviewed by a panel of judges comprising of representatives from Experia Events and the Singapore Space and Technology Association!  The winning team was announced during the week of the Singapore Airshow 2020.

The team "Titans of Tomorrow" impressed the judges, securing their spots in the "Endeavour Mission  #2: Singapore"!


the Students


Jerald Lee Shan Chen

A budding YouTube content creator, amateur musician and self-appointed LEGO extraordinaire, Jerald’s intellectual wanderlust has lead him to take up different projects that range from the absurd to the incredible. When he’s not busy loudly declaring his love for all things mala, Jerald can be found trying to chart his virtual Cessna’s flight path behind the controls of the school’s flight simulator during his free time.


Fabian Lee Bing Jie

Fabian is a member of the school’s Aviation club, where he quickly learnt to be a prolific radio-controlled flyer and retriever of things-stuck-in-high-places. He also dabbles in drones and custom builds his own radio planes in his free time. As an aspiring pilot, Fabian has set his sights on securing his entry into the Singapore Youth Flying Club once he attains his O levels.


Sia Zhu Yuan Shawn

Shawn is a natural outdoorsman for who longs to explore new frontiers. As a member of the school basketball team, Shawn believes strongly in the virtue of teamwork and hard work as keys to success. He loves biology and hopes to take up sports science one day.


Nadia Sharon Binte Moh Omar

Lights, camera, action! Nadia loves the limelight, preferably when it shines on someone other than herself. Her passion for arts and literature has translated into her gleeful participation in many of the school’s multimedia projects. When she isn’t calling the shots on her fellow students behind the camera, Nadia can be found running around in the school as a member of the school Netball team.





"Fate rarely calls upon us in a moment of our choosing."

- Johnny Wee Hong Shen


Johnny Wee Hong Shen

Johnny Wee Hong Shen

Johnny Wee Hong Shen has been teaching Design & Technology (D&T) for 11 years. As the Subject Head of Design Education in Ping Yi Secondary School, he works closely with his D&T colleagues to develop and implement the school’s Design Education Programme, which aims to provide students with a holistic learning experience and equip them with design thinking skills. As a result, the school was awarded with the Niche in Design Education by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2012, and further recognised as the Centre of Excellence in Design Education (East) in 2014.

He is also involved in pioneering the school’s Applied Learning Programme in Design and Aeronautical Engineering. He introduced a hands-on, experimental approach that encourages students to observe and analyse aeronautical phenomena, conduct experiments to demonstrate concepts as well as design and create their own flying machines as part of their lessons. Students were given the opportunity to explore and eventually delve deeper into specific fields of knowledge based on their interests, such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printing, flight aerobatics as well as drone FPV racing.

Johnny has a passion for tinkering and innovation, and has worked with his colleagues on multiple award-winning projects to improve the teaching and learning environment in his school from 2009 to 2014. In 2016, he was recognised with the prestigious PS21 ExCEL Award, as well as the Innergy Outstanding Innovator Award from MOE for his efforts in driving innovation in his school.


Astronaut Al Worden Endeavour Space Camp Challenge 2020

The year is 2120 and we are about to embark on a mission of an astronomical scale: Sending mankind to Titan!

The Titans of Tomorrow are prepared to take on the challenge! Here is their plan:



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