Block Imaging

Thank you for another fantastic year at the Arab Health show. The Kallman team did outstanding job taking care of everything our company needed — just as you have for the past nine years. There are a couple things you have done in recent years that have made an enormous difference for our experience during this crucial week.

  1. Handling the total booth construction and set up for us. This is one of only a few shows where our team knows they can schedule travel to arrive the night before the show. We are confident that when we roll in on Day One, everything will be in place. The savings on an extra night of hotels alone is a huge plus!
  2. The executive lounge. Being able to step away from the booth and get solid WiFi and a quiet space for a meeting or conference call is a significant benefit!
  3. Your VIP reception serves as a reminder to my team that our U.S. government is supporting the efforts of businesses to grow in the region — and it’s a beautiful event. We’re grateful for everything. Keep up the excellent work!