At Exponor 2017, the U.S. is Pitching Partnership

American mining manufacturers and suppliers are approaching Exponor 2017 with a collective spirit of partnership and an open invitation to the industry buying community there to, “Ask America.” 

  • New USA Partnership Pavilion promotes investment, innovation, workforce support for industry in Chile
  • “Guest Nation” status focuses extra attention on U.S. commitment to region’s success

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Antofagasta, Chile and Waldwick, NJ/ May 10, 2017 — American mining manufacturers and suppliers are approaching Exponor 2017 (May 15 through 19 in Antofagasta) with a collective spirit of partnership and an open invitation to the industry buying community there to, “Ask America,” for the equipment, products and services they need to lead in the global marketplace.

Well into the second decade of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries (2004), the U.S., which will be honored as the designated “Guest Nation” at the show, has solidified its position as the top supplier to the mining industry in Chile, enabling the host country to maintain its leadership position among the world’s top producers and exporters.

“No person, no company, no country succeeds in isolation. Now more than ever, success in the global mining industry comes from partnership and teamwork,” said Tom Kallman, President and CEO of Kallman Worldwide, Inc., organizer of the U.S. presence at Exponor for the second consecutive edition of the show. Headquartered in New Jersey, the company also operates a staffed Latin American office in Santiago, headed by the former Chief of the Chilean Air Force, Gen. Ricardo Ortega.

“Despite the ups and downs of global markets, and an increasingly dynamic and competitive global mining economy, the strength and momentum of the U.S.-Chile relationship, accented by America’s ‘Guest Nation’ status, will certainly influence discussions and impact deals during the show,” said Ortega.

More than 60 American companies will be exhibiting in Antofagasta, the most of any participating nation outside of Chile, and the majority in Kallman’s new USA Partnership Pavilion located in the show’s Silver Pavilion hall. From specialized machinery, heavy construction and energy equipment to instruments, lighting and safety products, U.S. exhibitors at Exponor represent a wide scope of the nation’s most innovative and reliable exploration, extraction and processing solutions.

“At the moment of making strategic alliances you always want to have the best allies. In that sense, what better partner than the United States? They are a country where innovation is part of their DNA, and it is with them that we want to face the technological challenges that we have ahead, through the contact with their suppliers of products and services,” said Marko Razmilic, President of Exponor 2017 organizer, the Antofagasta Industries Association. “They are coming with the largest international delegation to Exponor, and we have high expectations regarding their participation in the fair.”

Whether they are publicly traded stalwarts or small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s), U.S. exhibitors are all looking to initiate or strengthen business relationships in Chile, either as prime contractors or subcontractors in support of in-country operators, service partners and their end-user customers, said Kallman. Many, such as DuPont, Flexco and Soltex already have a significant operational presence and equity stake in Chile.

“American mining companies are first-choice partners around the world because we listen, we invent and we deliver for our customers. The United States is committed to our trade and investments in Latin and South America, we bring smart ideas and innovations to the table and we have the best-trained professional workforce ready to do the job,” Kallman said.


The following exhibitors in the USA Partnership Pavilion at Exponor 2017 invite media to inquire about their equipment, products and services.

HMI, Hamilton Manufacturing, Inc. – Booth 406
Hydroseeding Produces Exceptional Soil Remediation

A Cost Effective Solution for Erosion and Dust Control in the Mining Sector

Los Pelambres Mine has been performing trial tests with X9000 BFM and herbaceous seeds on steep slopes in order to control the erosion and sediments affected by road work. Preliminary results show a positive effect in chemical, physical, and biological parameters and have improved the soil stability, water infiltration, and nutrient cycle. These results have been recognized by many other mines worldwide.

Target Markets: Erosion Control, Dust Control, Remediation and Reclamation
Contact: Christy Hamilton, CEO, HMI, Hamilton Manufacturing, Inc., Twin Falls, ID, +1-208-733-9689;

Legacy Building Solutions – Booth 356
New Fabric Structure Saves Hundreds of Thousands in Repair Costs

Central Valley Ag Replaces Dilapidated Storage Building with New Fabric Structure

Frustrated with constantly repairing a bulk storage building damaged by corrosion and severe weather, Central Valley Ag Co-op replaced it with a corrosion-proof fabric structure. The new building resists the impact of corrosion and weather with a solid steel frame, hot dip galvanized steel members and an interior fabric liner. With all these features, they were able to receive a 25-year warranty – even when storing highly corrosive materials.

Target Markets: Storage, Processing
Contact: Sarah Cords, Marketing Director, Legacy Building Solutions, South Haven, MN, +1-320-258-0500;

Soltex – Booth 368
SOLTEX Introduces New Products

SOLTEX will introduce ultimate developments and technologies for fluid handling, process equipment, instrumentation and control. Particularly during the show the company will be exhibiting new demo units from important manufacturers such as Ametek Process Instruments, ULTIMO non-nuclear density meters for slurries and liquids, Loadscan, accurate payload management solutions and ASD-Panalytical mineral analyzers. For critical fluid transference used in mining such as sulfuric acid or fuel, SOLTEX will be exhibiting hoses, single joints, break-away devices and special couplings manufactured by Elaflex Mann-tek, enhanced for a safe operation in hard process and extreme environmental conditions.

Target Markets: Fluid Handling, Industrial Processing, Server Services
Contact: Nicolas Howard, BD & Marcom Manager, SOLTEX, Chile, S.A., Santiago, 56 (2) 2730 4700;

Hercules Sealing Products – Booth 398
Hercules Introduces Fresh New Look

As part of their constant evolution to be on the vanguard of the hydraulic industry, Hercules Sealing Products introduced a new look and revamped their website with even more information on an already vast product catalog in March 2017.

Target Markets: Mining
Contact: Rommy Flores, Conference Planning Manager, Hercules Sealing Products, Clearwater, FL, +1-727-796-1300;

BinMaster – Booth 401-C
80 GHz Radar Level Sensor for Powders & Solids

Non-contact radar excels in high dust and noise!                                           

The BinMaster NCR-80 non-contact radar level sensor for inventory management uses a powerful 80 GHz frequency focusing the signal in a narrow 4° beam angle for precise aiming. Accurate measurement within 0.2 inches in vessels up to 393 feet tall with excessive noise or dust. Communication via Modbus RTU, Binventory PC software or BinView web application for data access from a phone, tablet or PC.

Target Markets: Inventory Management, Storage and Processing, Safety
Contact: Carlos Marti, Sales Manager, BinMaster, Lincoln, NE, +1-402-434-9102;

Scoperta – Booth 401-B
Scoperta Develops New Impact and Abrasion Resistant Alloy Using Computational Metallurgy for Mining Applications

Scoperta Inc. has developed a new material called Vecalloys that uses computational metallurgy to design a microstructure that can significantly extend the life of mining components such as ground engaging tools, bucket liners, dovetail liners, chute blocks, crushing and sizing components. This new material has comparable abrasion resistance to tungsten carbide with the impact strength of manganese steel.

Target Markets: Processing, Ground Engaging Tools, Buckets and Liners
Contact: Adolfo Castells, Vice President, Scoperta Inc., San Diego, CA, +1-713-737-5746;

Adsorptech – Booth 400
Adsorptech Introduces New Oxygen Production Technology at Exponor

Adsorptech’s EcoGen oxygen VPSA technology is the most power efficient source of oxygen in the world

Oxygen is used to increase production yields, lessen the use of harmful chemicals, create ozone and treat water in mining and non-ferrous metals processes. With Adsorptech’s EcoGen oxygen generator machine world-class efficiency and built-in redundancy, oxygen supply reliability is maximized, especially for remote site locations.

Target Markets: Processing, Water Treatment
Contact: James Flaherty, President & CEO, Adsorptech, Inc., Hampton, NJ, +1-908-735-9528;


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