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Build confidence from the ground up!

Kallman Creative Services has built exhibits in over 40 countries and serviced hundreds of clients.

You’ve come too far to just blend in now

Your brand is a destination

Halfway around the world, surrounded by competitors, with market share on the line and the clock ticking on annual sales targets — this is no time to circle your wagons.

Instead, turn heads with a custom-built exhibit from Kallman Creative Services, and take pride in owning an event destination that’ll stop visitors in their tracks and jumpstart those sales conversations.

Thousands of stands built for over
companies worldwide

From Concept to Show Floor

Who would have thought that on a bare concrete floor in an anonymous exhibit hall thousands of miles from your office, you could feel so at home? That’s what Kallman Creative Services does for you. We’re one of the most experienced custom builders in the trade, with over 300 clients and thousands of stands under our belts, because we know how to transform any raw space into a showplace that works for your business.

From the first concept to the last detail, whether you’re buying an in-line booth or a stand-alone hospitality chalet, our approach is simple: we’re hands-on partners and honest collaborators who listen, design and build to your specifications — on strategy, on time, on budget. When you arrive on site, you know it’s right.


"The Marvin Group has been a Kallman Creative Services client for over 10 years because the support they provide for our. . . international exhibits year after year is outstanding and invaluable. They work closely with you to ensure all your needs are captured in the design, and provide options to suit your budget. Every detail is taken care of, not only for your booth, but for all your exhibit planning needs. And with their on-site support during the show, you can have peace of mind knowing from start to finish you’re taken care of with the Kallman Creative Services Team."

Shannon Sharpe
The Marvin Group

"Your slogan "Exhibit with Confidence" is really exemplified in your service. It's such a pleasure to work with you. Dealing with this side of your operation (show logistics, creative services), I feel privileged to work with Kallman. We just closed out a show in the Philippines, where we were not working with you, and there was no real support for the exhibitor. Your efforts do make a huge difference and directly impact the success of each show. Thanks so very much for everything."

Elvira Amankwa, CMP, CIM
Power Breezer

Our Services



Our team is constantly working to utilize the newest trends in design and technology.

Design & Construction

We'll help you build confidence (and your booth) from the ground up.

Show Specifications

We know the rules to stick to.

Shipping assistance

Our shipping partners and on-site team will make sure your shipments make it to your booth.


Our team will make sure your booth looks set for success.


From flat screens to microphones, whatever you need, we can source.

Set-up & Tear-down

Arrive on-site to a completed build and leave the clean-up to us!

On-site Project Management

Our team is on-site for you.

Utility Requirements

Power, water or compressed air - whatever you need, we'll take care of it.

A Global Team Makes a World of Difference

Whatever you need, wherever you need it, Kallman Creative Services stands ready to build. Our global team of designers, contractors and suppliers specializes in creating smart, efficient custom trade show exhibits — focused on quality and conscious of cost — because we know when the show opens, every square meter matters.

Economies of scale make Kallman Creative Services more affordable: Working with in-country labor translates into direct cost savings for building your project. Our higher project volume lowers the unit costs for your materials and transport. When you add it all together, from build-up to tear down, Kallman Creative Services delivers measurable value every step of the way.

Awarding the stand out pavilion builds.

Best in Show

At the alternating biennial Farnborough and Paris air shows and the annual Arab Health Exhibition & Congress in Dubai, the USA Partnership Pavilion presents the “Best in Show” award for innovation and creativity in exhibit design.

Winners are selected by an independent panel of judges who are asked by Pavilion organizers to simply “find the best.” Two awards are presented at each show: one for stands larger than 36 sqm, and one for stands smaller than 36 sqm.

Since the awards were launched in 2011, Kallman Creative Services clients have won all but two of these prestigious awards. We’re proud for our award-winning clients, because their recognition affirms our fundamental belief that industry professionals looking for business solutions at a trade show — no matter how busy they are — will always stop and take a second look at a smart, inviting stand.

Our World Class Clients

Client List Long
Creative Services Team
Joelle Voza
Sales Account Associate
Tracy Plant
Sales Account Executive
Tricia McNally
Staff Administrative Assistant
Laura Rossi
Senior Sales Account Executive
Christina Jennings
Creative Services Manager

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Our team can get you in contact with the right person - from securing your space, to building your booth, to shipping your products to the show-site, we're here for you.