Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot, Col. Al Worden, USAF-Ret., will make his first visit to Poland since his post-flight world tour in 1972, to participate in MSPO 2019 as a goodwill ambassador for U.S. industry and featured guest of the USA Partnership Pavilion.

MSPO, the annual International Defence Industry Exhibition, is Europe’s third-largest defense industry trade show. It is organized by the Ministry of National Defence (MND) through Targi Kielce in partnership with government and private sector stakeholders to promote Polish defense and security. 


In addition to a schedule of official appearances, select meetings and hospitality events on behalf of U.S. participants, Col. Worden will join U.S. and Polish dignitaries during the show’s opening ceremony, along with supporting partners AM General, Bell, FLIR Systems, Lockheed Martin, Motorola Solutions, Raytheon Company and WB Group to present a Polish flag flown on his mission to the Moon.


The visit is being led in coordination with event organizers by Kallman Worldwide, Inc., the United States representative and organizer of the USA Partnership Pavilion at aerospace, defense and security events around the world for more than three decades, including MSPO 2019. More than 35 companies will exhibit in the Pavilion at MSPO, bolstered by the appointment of the USA as ‘Lead Nation’ for this year’s 27th edition.


Kallman has partnered with Worden and a coalition of industry supporters since 2015 to promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and excellence in engineering “from classrooms to careers.”


“As one of just 24 people to have flown to the Moon — only 12 of whom are still with us on Earth — Col. Worden’s first visit in nearly 50 years to Poland creates new opportunities to encourage sustainable science, industry and business partnerships between our countries,” said Kallman Worldwide President and CEO Tom Kallman. “His experience and accomplishments uniquely qualify him to address the dynamic engineering challenges faced by all industries competing in today’s global economy, particularly in defense and security.”


The Apollo 15 mission flew in the summer of 1971, and is widely regarded as the most scientific manned flight to the lunar surface. Among Worden’s accomplishments on that flight, he performed the first deep space Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) — a “spacewalk” 196,000 miles from Earth.


In the decades following his historic mission, Col. Worden has applied his business acumen, technical talents and pioneering spirit to a wide range of interests in industry, academia and public service. In particular, he is an active, hands-on advocate for the current and future engineering workforce — in all disciplines — and the communities in which they live and work around the world. Most recently, at

the Paris Air Show 2019, he joined Kallman Worldwide to launch the “Astronaut Al Worden Endeavour Scholarship,” a partnership to send select students and teachers from international air show host communities to Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocketry Center in Huntsville, AL.


Looking ahead to his visit, Worden said he sees clear parallels between the successes of Apollo and Poland’s aerospace ambitions.


“Just as Apollo’s success was the result of a collective, sustained national effort, Poland’s investments in engineering excellence and infrastructure, particularly the Polish Space Agency, affirm the country’s long-term goals and commitment to achieve them,” said Worden. “Nation-to-nation, generation-to-generation, I believe we share the same values for discipline, risk-taking and partnership to break through barriers.”


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