About Singapore Airshow 2022


Why exhibit at Singapore Airshow 2022?

A resounding success since its first appearance in 1984 (as Asian Aerospace), the Singapore Airshow continues to play a dominant role in the region, keeping pace with the tremendous growth of commercial and military aviation throughout the ASEAN community.

Ever-expanding passenger travel figures and freight transportation volumes have led to predictions of 8% annual expansion of commercial aerospace activity, along with a similarly optimistic outlook for acquisition of defense systems including aircraft, engines, radars and weapons. Between 2009 and 2016, imports of defense equipment by ASEAN countries increased by an impressive 71%.

Singapore, in 2015, led with the highest military expenditures throughout ASEAN region ($10.2 billion), with defense spending levels expected to increase over the next five years. Based on 2015-2016 figures, growth within the 10-member group seems set to continue at a high level as well, and that only bodes better and better for this bellwether event.



Why exhibit in the USA Partnership Pavilion?

Over the last three decades, American manufacturers have led the vanguard of suppliers helping ASEAN nations meet their defense and commercial aerospace needs. Kallman has been present at every Singapore Airshow since 1984, using that experience to support a growing U.S. presence at the sprawling show site adjacent to Changi Airport.

Working hand-in-hand with the American Embassy and the U.S. Commercial Service, the upcoming edition of the USA Partnership Pavilion will feature onsite events and networking opportunities, a robust delegation program, and a U.S. VIP reception bringing exhibitors together with civil/military aviation decision-makers from around the world.

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