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Indian Tax Changes Seek To Increase MRO Sector 150% In Three Years​​
Aviation Week
May 21, 2020

India applied some of the most severe virus-retarding restrictions to both aviation and its economy generally. So far, these restrictions seem to be working, with coronavirus deaths at two per million, versus a global average of 42 per million on May 19, while the effective transmission rate is estimated to be slightly above one.



‘China’s loss in manufacturing could be India’s gain’
Times of India
April 13, 2020

As the world grapples with the unprecedented challenge of Covid-19, business leaders and management thinkers are helping navigate the crisis and plan for the future. At a webinar by Harvard Business School (HBS) and Harvard Business Publishing, many members of the HBS faculty and India Inc executives brainstormed on economic uncertainties resulting from the pandemic and the opportunities for countries like India.