Arab Health 2019 USA Partnership Pavilion Exhibitor List

Updated: January 11, 2019

Booth Company Name Website URL
H1.D54-A A10 Clinical Solutions – Opioid Research and Data Services
H1.B70 AA Medical Store
H6.A50-C AbilityLab Chicago Formerly the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
H2.A34-A Acell, Inc.
H1.B56 Advamedica
H1.D55 Advanced Chemical Testing
H1.G34 Advanced Instrumentations, Inc.
H1.D10-I AHF Body Chemistry
H1.G03 AHIMA World Congress (AWC)
H1.G36 Airon Corporation
H1.E38 AirSep Corporation
H1.C57 Al Hilal Trading Co.
H1.C56 Alfa Vitamins Laboratories, Inc.
H2.A30-H Altus, Inc.
H2.A19 America Medic and Science
H1.C17 American Medical Association
H1.H19 Ampronix, Inc.
H1.H70 Amsino
H1.B39 AMTAI Medical Equipment
H1.B52 AngioDynamics
H6.A50-A Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital
H1.B34 Arbor Holdings, LLC
H1.E56 Argentum Medical, LLC
H1.E19 Arizona Commerce Authority
H1.B31 Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp.
H1.B57 Aspen Medical Products
H1.H50-A Atlas Link, Inc.
H1.F32 Atlas Specialty Lighting
H2.A14 Aug Medical, LLC
H1.E10 Avante Health Solutions
H2.A30-G AvaSure
H1.E52 B&B Medical Technologies
H1.H01 Baisheng Medical Co., Ltd.
H1.D10-J Bancroft Architects & Engineers
H1.E12 Barco Uniforms, Inc.
H1.C32 Bay Corporation
H1.B18-A BC Group
H1.F59 BeaconMedaes
H1.H54 Beekley Medical
H2.A34-B Beluga Products
H1.C75 Bio-Med Devices
H1.H59 Block Imaging
H1.C58 Bondtech Corporation
H1.D59 Bovie Medical
H1.D18 Breas Medical AB
H1.C51 Brewer
H5.A25 Brigham Health/Brigham and Women’s Hospital
H1.D39 Buffalo Filter, LLC
H1.D10-A Burton Medical, LLC
H1.H10 Cadwell Industries, Inc.
H1.D39 Captek Softgel International
H1.H53 CardioQuip
C.B25 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
H1.F05 Centurion Service Group, LLC
H1.E38 Chart BioMedical
H1.E38 Chart MVE
H1.E51-A Chemence Medical, Inc.
H1.H14 Cherokee and Dickies Medical Uniforms
H1.F51 Clinipak
H1.H18 Codonics, Inc.
H1.C50 College Park Industries
C.B25 Community Medical Center
H1.G05 Control-X Medical, Inc.
H1.D39 Cook Childrens Health Care System
H1.A30 CooperSurgical
H1.F03 Corvus Health Workforce
H1.H13 Crown Fertility  
H1.B50 Curatia Medical Co.
H1.F01 Dan Allen Surgical, LLC  –  DBA: D. A. Surgical
H5.A25 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
H1.D10-B Del Medical, Inc.
H1.B72 Dignitana & Tesla Medical Solutions
H1.H50-E Dilon Technologies
H1.H56 DirectMed Parts & Service, LLC
H1.E59 DJO Global LLC
H1.D54-B Dry Corp
H1.G54 Dynamo Delay
H1.B18-E Dynatek Labs
H1.A48 Earrs International Beauty Trading, LLC
H1.F39 Ecleris USA
H1.G57 Emergent BioSolutions, Inc.
H1.E50 Emergo, a UL Company
H1.C55 Enova Illumination
H1.F30 Enterprise Florida, Inc.
H1.G01 eVent Medical
H1.G31 Excite Medical of Tampa Bay, LLC
H1.C18 Fabrication Enterprises, Inc.
H1.E30 Ferno
H1.B11 Firefly Global
H2.A33 First Quality
H1.A16 Fisher Medical, a strategic partner of Mediator Masa
H1.H01 Fulwell, LLC
H1.F30-A Gaumard Scientific Co.
H1.C59 GCX Corporation
H1.F33-A Genicon
H1.E18 Genstar Technologies (GENTEC)
H1.E51 Georgia USA
H1.G32 GeoSurgical
H1.E51-B GF Health Products
H1.D10-C Global CPR Technologies, Inc.
Z3.D02 Global Key, LLC
H6.A52 Global Medical Services
H1.B10-A Global Transplant Solutions, Inc.
H1.B02 GraMedica
H1.B32 GreenSleeve Surgical
H1.B13 gSource, LLC
H1.E19-C Guided Therapy Systems
H1.C05 Hans Rudolph, Inc.
H1.B59-B Harmony Medical Solutions, LLC
H1.C53 Heal & Care, Inc.
H1.C54 Health o meter Professional Scales
H2.A30-A Henry Ford Health System
H1.D10-E Holland LP
H5.C10 Houston Methodist Global Healthcare Services
H1.B58 HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
H2.A34-C HSR, Inc.
H1.C15 Humanscale
H1.B10-B Humimic Medical
H1.B18-B I.V. House, Inc.
H1.C31 iBreastExam by UE LifeSciences
H1.G58 iCRco, Inc.
H1.D10 Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity
H1.E56 Ilumark GmbH
H1.C70 Infrascan, Inc.
H1.E56 Innovia Medical, IZI Medical, Silverlon
H6.A14 Inova Health System
H1.F33-B InteGen, LLC
H1.E11 Integra
H2.A34-D Integrated Pharma Services
H1.F51 Interlock Medizintechnik GmbH
H1.C79 International Biomedical
H1.H50-D, Z3.D04 ivWatch, LLC
H1.C38 J.D. Honigberg International
H1.A50 Jaanuu
H1.E39 Joint Commission International
H1.D10-D Just Manufacturing
H1.D39 Kallman Creative Service, Inc.
H1.D39 Kallman Worldwide, Inc.
H1.G13 KAP Design
H1.F51 Key Surgical
H1.H15 Ki Mobility
H2.A30-E Kirlin Lighting
H1.B30 Kopp Development, Inc.
H1.B18-C Koven Technology, Inc.
H1.H38 KPI Healthcare
H1.C09 Lakeside Manufacturing
H1.B51 Leosons
H1.A60 Life Saver Solutions, Inc.
H1.G56 Lutech Industries, Inc.
H1.C16-B MagicEar, LLC
H2.A34-H Man & Machine, Inc.
H5.A20 Mayo Clinic,
E.C. MDF Instruments USA, Inc.
H1.G35 Med X Change, Inc.
H1.B36 MedAn
H1.G59 Medcomp
H1.C16-A Medegen Medical Products
H1.F52 MedGyn Products, Inc.
H2.A34-E Medical Decision Logic, Inc. (mdlogix)
H1.H11 Mediflex Surgical Products
H1.G39 Medisono, LLC
H1.D51 Medline Industries, Inc.
H1.A44 Metal Impact Cylinders
H2.A30 Michigan Economic Development Corporation
H1.C34 Mika Pharmaceutical
H1.D54-F M-Med USA
H1.B18-D Mobility Designed, LLC
H1.E01 Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc.
Z3.D01 Multi Radiance Medical
H1.B18-G Nanova Biomaterials, Inc.
H1.D50 Natus Medical, Inc.
H1.E16 NeilMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
H1.A41 New Gear Medical
H2.A11 Newmedical Technology, Inc.
H1.C73 Nexus Optical, Inc.  
H1.G51 Nidek Medical Products, Inc.
H1.G10 Nonin Medical
H1.G52 NorthEast Monitoring, Inc.
H6.A54 Northwestern Medicine
H1.H16 Nova Biomedical
H2.A10 NovaProbe, Inc.
H1.C57 Nuby
H2.A30-F NuStep, LLC
H1.D10-F OmniCare Group, Inc.
H1.E51-C One-World, Inc.
H2.A30-B ONLINE Engineering, Inc.
H1.H30 Oricare, lnc.
H1.F38 Orthomerica Products, Inc.
H1.A35 PanMed U.S. Corp.
H1.F35 Paragon Global Rx
H1.A12 Parkway Clinical Laboratories
H1.F18 PaxeraHealth
H1.C19-B PDi Communication Systems, Inc.
H1.B55 Peel Away Labs
H1.C30 Pevco
H1.G37 PharmaMed USA
H1.A42 Pharmaxxi Pharmaceutical
H1.G38 Phoenix Healthcare Solutions, LLC
H1.B10-C Poly-Med, Inc.
H1.E51-D Poriferous, LLC
H1.B34 Precision Medical Supplies
H2.A12 Precision Medical, Inc.
H1.E19-B PrimoPup
H1.D57 R & D Medical Products, Inc.
H1.F50 RADIOLOGY Planning
H1.D30 Rauland
H1.F15 Reload Vitamins
Z3.D03-A Retia Medical
H1.F31 RGF Environmental Group
H2.A30-C, Inc.
H1.A16 Rigicon, Inc.
H1.H50-C Rivanna Medical
H1.G12 RMS Medical Products
H1.E19-A Rowpar Pharmaceuticals
H1.D58 Ruhof Corporation
H1.E17 RUMEX International Co.
H6.A50-B Rush University Medical Center
H1.D10-G Sabri Dental Enterprises, Inc.
H1.D54-D Safe’N’Clear
H1.C01 SakoMed, LLC
H1.D18 Sanrai International
H1.F34 Scar Heal
H1.E35 ScottCare Cardiovascular Solutions
H1.A10 SeaSpine
H1.B54 Sechrist Industries, Inc.
H1.A05 SEPLOU Medical
H2.A15 Shekel USA, LLC
H2.A34-I Shreis Scalene Sciences
H1.B18-F SI03, Inc.
H1.F58 Sklar Instrument Company
H1.A40 Sleepnet Corp.
H1.E51-E Smisson-Cartledge Biomedical, LLC  
H1.A46 Solara Laboratories
H6.A16 Stanford Medicine
H2.A34 State of Maryland
H1.B18 State of Missouri, USA
H1.D54 State of North Carolina
H1.B10 State of South Carolina
H1.E51-F Steritech USA, Inc.
H1.F10 Studex Corporation
H2.A30-D SunMed
H1.B10-D Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc.
H1.D54-C TannerGAP, Inc.
H1.F37 Track Trace Rx
H1.D39 TWI Group
H1.F11 Twistshake of Sweden AB
H1.E34 US Commercial Service
H1.G30 US Defib Medical Technologies, LLC
H1.D53 US Med Supplies
H1.B01 USA Health – 24hr Health
H1.B59-A VectraCor, Inc.
H1.H50 Virginia Economic Development Partnership
H1.D10-H VisMed-3D
H1.F54 Vistamatic, LLC
C.B25 Vivavoya
H1.F13 Vomaris Wound Care, Inc.
H1.A14 Waterloo Healthcare
H1.G51 Westmed, Inc.
H1.G55 WynnPharm, Inc.
H1.F19 XBody Middle East
H2.A34-G Xcision Medical Systems
H1.G50 Xodus Medical
H1.G19 ZOLL Medical Corporation
S2.B50 21st Century Healthcare, Inc. USA
SA.M58 ABH Pharma, Inc. USA
Z6.D46 AL-Media Technology, Inc. USA
S3.B75 AME Worldwide, LLC USA (Almania Drugs Store) UAE
C.C10 American Hospital – Dubai (Br of Mohd & Obaid Al Mulla), LLC UAE
H3.B32 Aumet, Inc. USA
R.N70 Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. USA
S3.B70 Blossom/Mexpo International, Inc. USA
R.R20 Brosco International, Inc. USA
H2.A01 Capsa Healthcare USA
S1.H50 Cardiac Science USA
H5.C15 Cerner Middle East Free Zone LLC UAE
H6.A19 Children’s National Medical Center USA
H5.A10 Cleveland Clinic USA
S1.F01 CW Medical, Inc. USA
SA.C59 Demetech Corporation USA
H5.B01 Detecto USA
H4.A01 Digital Science Tech., Inc. USA
H4.H40 ECRI Institute UAE
S3.A10, S3.B01, S3.B10 GE Healthcare UAE
S3.B30 Hill-Rom International, Inc. UAE
Z3.B09 Honeywell International Middle East UAE
PZ.D01 Innovative Designs for Healthcare, LLC USA
S2.F30 Johns Hopkins Medicene International USA
SA.D30 Lincor USA
S3.B50 Medtronic META FZ, LLC UAE
H4.A10 NDS Surgical Imaging USA
H4.F30 NMG Workspace Solution, LLC USA
R.R35 Noraker USA
Z6.D40 NuboMed USA
SA.B51 Ohio Medical USA
H2.D10 Omnicell USA
Z2.J07 OmniGuide, Inc. USA
S2.E60 P&L Scientific, Inc. USA
H3.H52 Performance Health USA
C.B130 Piercing Systems DMCC UAE
S1.H01 Robinson Pharma USA
SA.B32 Skyline Medical USA USA
SA.M36, R.K39 Smartizon Medical Group Limited USA
SA.D30 STANLEY Healthcare USA
S1.L50 Stryker UAE
H4.A02 Ultra Solutions, LLC USA
H3.G50 US Medical Innovations USA
S1.D54 Varex Imaging USA
SA.D30 Vocera Communications USA
SA.B70 Vyaire Medical USA
Z3.H55 Woodway USA, Inc. USA