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Why exhibit at Exponor 2022?

Metals, minerals, materials, energy. Below the surface the mining business is rebounding in South America, and Chile’s Antofagasta region is bracing for the boom.

The Antofagasta Region represents the mining core of Chile, with 54% of the nation’s copper mined and produced here. On a global level, 16% of the world’s copper comes from Antofagasta; in addition, the latest report by the Chilean Copper Commiccion (Cochilco) describes the portfolio of projects to be implemented between 2019 and 2028, reporting that 44 projects are set to begin operations, with total investment of US$ 72.5 billion. Antofagasta Region heads the list, with 34% of the investment projected for the period, while copper ccounts for 96% of the investment in that region.”

EXPONOR 2022’s “point-of-sale proximity” to major mining operations in and around Antofagasta makes it a ground-level opportunity for any company that can help operators in the region produce more for less. And the word is out: the 2019 show saw more than 1,000 exhibitors and 41,000 visitors from 30 countries, and organizers are projecting a bigger show in 2021. To sharpen your focus, the U.S. Commercial Service have published Chile’s Mining and Minerals stating the major challenges and opportunities of the mining sector in Chile. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this show!

To get more familiar with Exponor and the USA Partnership Pavilion please watch our 2019 Exponor Video HERE




Why exhibit IN THE USA Partnership Pavilion?

As an American exhibitor at EXPONOR 2022, you start with advantages even before you arrive in Antofagasta:

1. Preference for brand U.S.A. — the United States is the second largest exporter to Chile (20% of total imports) and a free-trade partner since 2004.

2. America is a top exporter of heavy construction and mining equipment to Chile, with $6.6 billion in sales from 2011-2017 and well-positioned to gain and share as markets rebound there. 

3. Kallman Worldwide is the official U.S. representative and organizer of the USA Partnership Pavilion at EXPONOR 2021. We also operate a professionally staffed Latin America office in Santiago, giving you a strong local connection to this important global market. (https://flixtor2.to)

Be part of the USA Partnership Pavilion to enhance your event opportunities, strengthen business relationships and maximize your market impact at the show. From pre-show support to on site activities including VIP hospitality, market briefings and mine tours, Kallman improves your prospects for success at this important event. Review the details and contact us to lock in your location on the front lines of Chile’s mines.

To get more familiar with Exponor and the USA Partnership Pavilion please watch our 2019 Exponor Video HERE



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