United inks deal with Avianca, Copa to expand footprint in Latin America (November 2018)
“United Continental Holdings has reached a long-sought after deal with two major Latin American airlines allowing the third-largest carrier in the U.S. to expand in the region. The agreement, which United announced on Friday, will allow United Airlines, Panama’s Copa Holdings and Colombia-based Avianca Holdings to share revenue from flights and coordinate schedules…” READ MORE

Air Force Participates in Colombian-led Search and Rescue Excercise (September 2018)
“Two U.S. Air Force aircraft and more than 90 U.S. Airmen are participating in “Angel de los Andes,” a Colombian-led international search and rescue training exercise Sept. 3-14. The Air Combat Command number 5 unit at Arturo Lema Posada Air Base in Rionegro is the staging ground for the exercise. This is the second time the Colombian Air Force has conducted Angel de los Andes, the first was in 2015….” READ MORE

Colombian Air Force Ramps Up UAV Program (June 2018)
“The Colombian Air Force (FAC, in Spanish) brings forth a program designed to increase the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which provide real-time information to a ground-based team. FAC activated the UAV squadron as an essential component of the Hércules Task Force, a military unit created to cover the department of Nariño, in southwestern Colombia…..” READ MORE

Flying High? Colombia Wants to More than Double the Size of Its Aviation Industry by 2030 (May 2018)
“If the country continues to strengthen its aviation sector, Colombian airports could service more than 94 million passengers per year by 2030, according to newly released
estimates from the industry’s national regulator. Though a seemingly ambitious assessment for a nation that transported just over 35 million people through its airports in
2017, the Bogotá-based public agency Aerocivil believes the aviation investments made thus far, combined with more to come, will allow the industry to more than double
its numbers during the next three years…”


Colombian Air Force Announces Transformation Process (July 2017)
“Three large commands and a general staff will serve as the operational foundation for the new Colombian Air Force (FAC, per its Spanish acronym) structure, laid out aftera transformation process involving two years of analysis and planning. The plan was presented to the country on June 1, at the Aeronautical Museum facilities, headquartersof the FAC Center for Historical Memory. The process is part of a major renovation program being conducted by Colombia as part of Armed Forces 2030, a medium- and long-term government policy based on capability planning methodology…” READ MORE

Colombian Defense After FARC (May 2017)
“Since 1965 the focus of Colombia’s defense policy has been on countering insurgent groups, principally the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia otherwise and more commonly known as FARC, and the supporting narcotics trade. Now that Colombia is on a path to peace with FARC (see info box below), it is apparent that there will be a shift in Colombia’s defense priorities that will have direct implications for policy… “ READ MORE

Colombia – (July 2017) 
“The last few years have been times of uncertainty for the Colombian armed forces. Although the peace agreement negotiated between the Government of Colombian and  the FARC guerrillas at the end of 2016 is currently being implemented, the real challenge is making peace sustainable and  leaving behind years of violence that were fueled by illicit drug trade and insurgency groups. Security risks will remain for the foreseeable future in Colombia and will buoy strong demand for defense products…” READ MORE