Webinar: FACH Procurement – Briefing for Potential Suppliers

In cooperation with the Chilean Air Force, Fuerza Aerea de Chile (FACH) and FIDAE Air Show organizers, please enjoy this exclusive webinar with key decision makers in FACH procurement. 


Kallman Worldwide, in cooperation with the leadership of the Chilean Air Force, Fuerza Aerea de Chile (FACH) and the organizers of the FIDAE Air Show 2022, is pleased to offer our U.S. and Canadian clients an exclusive complimentary opportunity to engage face-to-face with key decision makers involved in FACH procurement. 

Whether you are new to the Chilean market, or a seasoned veteran, listen in to hear from Chilean procurement officials, who are there to direct you through the process and guide you on your next steps to successfully act as a supplier to the Chilean Air Force. 

Units involved:

  • General Staff (Planning and Development Division)
  • Engineering and Weapon Systems Support Division
  • Development and Projects Division
  • Supply Division
  • FIDAE 2022

Speakers and attendees:

  • Lt. General Rafael Carrère, Commander of the Logistic Command and President of FIDAE (Speaker)
  • Maj. General Alex Voigt, Director of Planning and Doctrine (speaker)
  • Maj. General Fernando Silva, Chief of Development and Projects Division (Attendee)
  • Colonel Raul Mera, FIDAE 2020 CEO (Attendee)
  • Colonel Max Carcamo, Chief of Supply Division (Speaker)
  • Lt. Colonel Francisco Ramirez, FIDAE 2022 CEO (Attendee)
  • Colonel Fernando Mondaca, Chief of Air Weapon Systems Subsection from the Engineering and Weapon Systems Support Division (Attendee)

Moderator: Tom Kallman, President Kallman Worldwide Inc.