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Growing U.S. participation in international trade events is a strong indicator of how important global markets are to American industry, and that buyers in those markets are likewise interested in working with American companies to further their industrial and economic growth.

In eight industries that generate trillions of dollars in commerce annually, exhibit with Kallman to grow your share of the worldwide marketplace and strengthen America’s international trade and investment partnerships.

Aerospace & Defense

In this age of rapid industrialization and globalization, the aerospace and defense industry is on point to keep more and more people mobile and safe. Whether your thrust is commercial, military, business aviation or space, Kallman gives your international prospects a lift in established and growth markets.

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Defense & Security

In an increasingly dangerous world, security is a growth market, and competition lurks around every corner. From surveillance and weapons to equipment and training, take your best shot at capturing business with Kallman. We’ve got your back.

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Digital Events

Kallman Connects Digital FORUM & Trade Missions offer an online event series designed to link suppliers directly with prescreened international buyers, potential partners and buying authorities.

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Food & Agriculture

From farm to table, every link in the global food chain is fraught with risk. Yet, in virtually every corner of the world, safe, abundant and healthful food is a fact of life. If you’re in the business of helping growers, producers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers or restaurants, we’ll put more prospects on your plate.

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Health & Medical

The #1 health issue in the developing world is growing pains. With more people living longer, the “progress” that cured old diseases is breeding new chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension and cancer. The corresponding strain on healthcare infrastructure opens the door on the exhibit floor for equipment, products and services to meet the urgent need for trained professionals and cutting-edge care.

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If a rising tide lifts all boats, the forecast for the global maritime defense industry should put some wind in your sails. Heightened homeland security requirements, new challenges to long-standing multinational alliances and the rogue threat of piracy are boosting demand for ships and equipment to protect public and private interests at sea. Oh, and did we mention that three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is water?

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Sometimes success is just below the surface. Other times you have to dig deeper. While the current market environment has brought short-term expectations down to earth, it hasn’t undermined longer-term prospects for the commodity metals and minerals business. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and Kallman can help you grab share now before somebody else stakes a claim to your future.

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Oil & Gas

Fossil fuel prices are rebounding, renewables are on the rise. As populations grow and advances in technology bring new power to more people, forecasters are predicting unprecedented global demand for energy. Wherever you are in the pipeline, Kallman will keep you connected to the world’s most productive oil & gas markets.

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