Kallman Worldwide Celebrates 60 Years of Business

Kallman Worldwide Celebrates 60 Years of Business

Words from Tom Kallman, President and CEO

When my father, Jerry Kallman Sr., founded our company in 1963, he was a one-man consultancy representing and recruiting U.S companies to exhibit at European trade fairs. He was a trailblazer for U.S. exhibitors, large and small, and an advocate for U.S. exports.

Today, 60 years later, at Kallman Worldwide Inc., we are 45+ people and I am proud to be leading a globally recognized trade show brand with a worldwide reputation – in partnership with international trade fair organizations, government agencies, NGOs, and numerous other champions for global trade.


For six decades we’ve been focused forward and the relationships we’ve built, confidence we’ve earned, and experience that informs our decisions we readily share with our clients and anyone serious about making connections and growing their business in the international marketplace we know so well.

Core values like respect, collaboration, daring, and service above self, guide our actions while day-to-day satisfaction comes from the knowledge that we are supporting our clients.  Just like our founder, we will forever be practical visionaries, impetuous planners, tried and true creators, and most importantly hard-working professionals that strive for perfection but settle for excellence.

Look back through 2022 with us!

Team Kallman assisted 200+ U.S. and Canadian companies exhibit at 22 shows across 14 countries in 2022!