U.S. trade exhibition organizer targets intersection of Apollo 11 50th anniversary and Paris Air Show next summer to promote partnership in aerospace. Apollo astronauts Col. Walt Cunningham, USMC-Ret. (Apollo 7); Col. Al Worden, USAF-Ret. (Apollo 15); and BGen. Charlie Duke, USAF-Ret. (Apollo 16) on board as USA Partnership Pavilion “ambassadors” for industry.

In Countdown to 2019 Paris Air Show, Kallman Worldwide Invokes Spirit of “Apollo 50” to Launch Campaign for U.S. Aerospace Partnership

  • U.S. trade exhibition organizer targets intersection of Apollo 11 50th anniversary and premier biennial expo next summer to promote American innovation in exploration
  • Apollo astronauts Col. Walt Cunningham, USMC-Ret. (Apollo 7); Col. Al Worden, USAF-Ret. (Apollo 15); and BGen. Charlie Duke, USAF-Ret. (Apollo 16) on board as USA Partnership Pavilion “ambassadors” for industry
  • On-site program at Le Bourget will feature a centerpiece celebration, professional panels/presentations and participation of prominent industry pioneers and thought-leaders

Paris, France and Waldwick, NJ/December 5, 2018 — As worldwide anticipation builds for next summer’s golden anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Kallman Worldwide, organizer of the USA Partnership Pavilion at the Paris Air Show since 1995, today launched the “We’re All on a Mission” campaign, invoking the pioneering spirit of the Apollo program to advocate for continued innovation and global cooperation in aviation and exploration.

Next year’s edition of this premier biennial expo, June 17-23 at Le Bourget Airport, falls on the cusp of the July 20 anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the lunar surface, creating a universally tangible touchpoint for the U.S. aerospace industry to connect past achievements to the pursuit of new ideas and advancements. The campaign promotes this milestone opportunity on the industry’s biggest stage, and invites public- and private-sector stakeholders from around the world to get involved and share the spotlight.

“Wherever our interests and passions lead us, mankind is driven by purpose to explore and discover. The purpose of Apollo, arguably history’s greatest engineering project, was to explore the Moon. In delivering on President Kennedy’s promise of the decade, the program also fulfilled the dreams of hundreds of thousands of aerospace professionals who made it possible,” said Kallman Worldwide President and CEO Tom Kallman. “Our campaign recognizes their legacy as a reminder to future generations. Whether you’re pursuing discoveries on Earth or elsewhere in the universe, ‘We’re all on a mission’.”

To emphasize the point — and win the attention of the 140,000 or more trade visitors and 3,500 media expected to attend the 2019 Paris Air Show — Kallman has enlisted a distinguished “Mission Crew” of three Apollo astronauts — Col. Walt Cunningham, USMC-Ret. (Apollo 7), Col. Al Worden, USAF-Ret. (Apollo 15) and BGen. Charlie Duke, USAF-Ret. (Apollo 16) — to serve as campaign “ambassadors” to the global aerospace industry. Among the world’s most accomplished engineers, aviators and explorers, the Paris Air Show Apollo 50 Mission Crew brings unique celebrity and gravity to the effort.

“The spirit of innovation and discovery that culminated in six successful lunar landings lives on in U.S. companies large and small, working in collaboration with global partners to surmount new challenges on Earth and in space,” said Cunningham, Worden and Duke in a joint statement.

Inviting broader U.S. industry and government involvement, they added, “As part of the USA Partnership Pavilion program, our mission at Le Bourget is to promote the aerospace industry’s influence, impact and ingenuity, and to facilitate introductions, spark conversations and strengthen relations that will foster stronger international cooperation.”    

Anchored by the sold-out 4,000 sqm USA Partnership Pavilion, 350+ American companies will exhibit at next year’s Paris Air Show. The “Mission” campaign will lay groundwork in advance of the show to heighten awareness and interest in the U.S. aerospace industry, with extra visibility for “partner” companies.

The campaign will culminate on-site at Le Bourget with the presentation of “Apollo 50: America’s Invitation to Partnership.” This week-long program of high-profile activities and events is being produced by Kallman to engage, educate and excite the global aerospace community to invest more time and money in innovation, and help position U.S. industry as every investor’s top-of-mind partner.

For information or to become a partner in the “We’re All on a Mission” campaign, visit kallman.com/mission or email Kallman Worldwide at apollo50@kallman.com


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