Paris Air Show 2019 Partner News

General Atomics

Apollo Legacy

Apollo’s enduring legacy of achievement is fueling a new generation of technology innovation and space exploration.

We’re championing this new spirit of discovery by developing transformational satellite technologies, and supporting cooperative partnerships and alliances, to enable missions targeting low Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and the universe beyond. Our flight-proven small satellites, hosted payload platforms, mission services, and manufacturing expertise provide customers with the capability to rapidly and affordably space-qualify technologies to support and sustain the exciting missions ahead. (

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems is bringing a heritage of flight to the USA Partnership Pavilion to explore new mission opportunities in space.


General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems


OTB satellites

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems’ Orbital Test Bed (OTB) satellites are paving the way to make space more accessible to customers looking to demonstrate and validate technologies on-orbit to meet future mission objectives.

OTB represents a new approach to small satellite design, providing a modular, optimizable platform to host multiple customer payloads on a single spacecraft. Once placed into orbit, OTB serves as the operational platform for each payload customer to demonstrate and space-qualify their technology according to their mission objectives. OTB provides greater flexibility and more flight opportunities to simultaneously validate critical technologies supporting missions in low Earth orbit and destinations beyond.

Our first multiple-payload OTB spacecraft is set to launch this year on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy as part of the U.S. Air Force’s Space Technology Program. Among the hosted payloads on OTB is the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Deep Space Atomic Clock to support deep space navigation and exploration.


General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems


Teaming partnerships

Teaming partnerships are helping fast track the development of space systems and technologies to support missions to the Moon and the worlds beyond.

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems, along with ispace and Spaceflight Industries, are proud members of the Draper team supporting NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) contract. CLPS will deliver small rovers and instruments to meet lunar science and exploration needs, advance development of lunar landers for human missions, and conduct research on the moon’s surface ahead of a human return.

Together, this team provides the expertise and experience in space flight, manufacturing, management, mission operations, launch services, and rideshare coordination to support and sustain NASA’s lunar landing missions now and into the future.