U.S. and Canada Pitch Innovation and Partnership at Milipol Paris 2017

NEW USA and Canada Partnership Pavilions feature 60 companies from 19 states and two provinces. Cross-section of leading OEMs, SMEs affirms nations’ commitments to alliances across Europe.

  • Cross-section of leading OEMs, SMEs affirms nations’ commitments to alliances across Europe
  • NEW USA and Canada Partnership Pavilions feature 60 companies from 19 states and two provinces

Paris and Waldwick, N.J. / November 21, 2017 — U.S. and Canadian defense and security companies will look to strengthen partnerships with buyers and influencers across Europe during Milipol Paris 2017 November 21-24 in Paris. The biennial business event, the most comprehensive of its type in the region, is expected to draw more than 25,000 trade visitors from nearly 150 countries. 

More than 60 companies from either the United States or Canada are exhibiting a wide range of innovative technologies, equipment and services at the show. The cross-section of leading manufacturers and suppliers includes FLIR Systems [NASDAQ: FLIR] and Smith & Wesson [NASDAQ: SWHC].

Two-thirds of U.S. and Canadian exhibitors at Milipol Paris 2017 can be found in the new USA and Canadian Partnership Pavilions, organized by Kallman Worldwide, Inc., in coordination with numerous government agencies, including the U.S. departments of Commerce, Defense and State. Kallman has organized U.S. companies at Milipol shows since the 1990s; this is its first organizing Canadian exhibitors. The “Partnership Pavilion” banner is new, too, reflecting global trade trends, according to company President and CEO Tom Kallman.

“Now more than ever, success in international trade depends on partnership and teamwork,” said Kallman. “Entering our third decade of organizing exhibitors at trade events in Europe, the new USA and Canada Partnership Pavilions sharpen our focus on helping advance national interests and security by building stronger relationships between the U.S. and Canada and their international customers. Many of our exhibitors — from publicly traded original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with fewer than 500 employees — already have significant business partnerships and operations in the region. In the years to come, many more will.”

The 40-plus exhibitors in the Pavilions represent 19 states and two provinces, all looking to generate new business and create more jobs back home by growing exports, expanding in-region operations and/or recruiting overseas partners to establish or participate in home-based operations. Notably, the state of North Carolina, through its Economic Development Partnership, is organizing its own state-branded pavilion — featuring state-based co-exhibitors — within the larger U.S. space.

In addition to space on site, Partnership Pavilion exhibitors are featured in Kallman’s online Milipol Paris 2017 Visitor Zone at kallman.com/milipol-paris-2017. The Visitor Zone features a centerpiece searchable Pavilion directory, plus interactive tools to connect interested industry professionals around the world to the show, even if they can’t go.

The following companies invite media to learn more about the new products and services they’ll be exhibiting at Milipol Paris 2017:

Business Security Solutions


Why Critical Infrastructure Facilities Use the BSS Biometric Palm Vein Scanning System
The world’s most advanced biometric vein authentication algorithm

Business Security Solutions Inc. provides global business development services for the biometric palm vein scanner product of the technology company BioSec Group Ltd, which created an identification software and hardware system for the Fujitsu infrared palm vein sensor. Clients include military, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, banks, and football stadiums. Identification takes place in under a second in outdoor conditions for databases of hundreds of thousands of users, “which is revolutionary in the biometrics market.”


BioSec and Fujitsu for Secure Future
Fujitsu has entered a partnership agreement with BioSec, to bring the new generation of security technology to the EMEIA region.

The partnership focuses on BioSec’s palm vein security solutions, which will be available in the Fujitsu product portfolio, including BioSec’s physical access control-, IT security- and stadium security solutions. Part of the agreement is that Fujitsu will sell BioSec solutions in the EMEIA region, where there is a significant interest for innovative high security technology, such as biometrics, which provides a convenient alternative for passwords, PIN codes, keys, and cards, just to mention a few.


Honeywell Access Control Platform Enables Support for BioSec Palm Vein Authentication
Honeywell’s WIN-PAK access control system now supports BioSec’s biometric authentication technology

Honeywell has enabled WIN-PAK support for the Hungary-based firm’s BS LifePass password replacement solution, marketed by Business Security Solution Inc. That, in turn, means that WIN-PAK supports Fujitsu’s palm vein recognition technology, which offers the basis for BioSec’s authentication system. In a statement announcing the support, BioSec asserted that the palm vein recognition technology is able to identify a subject’s vein structure based on 5,000,000 reference points in less than a second.

Target Sectors:
Biometrics, Identification, Access Control
Andras Patakai, CEO
Business Security Solution, Inc., Brooklyn, NY
+1-929-249-0260; andras.patkai@bssunit.com


Axio Biosolutions (An Advamedica, Inc. Company)


Axiostat: The super-bandage that is saving soldiers from bleeding to death

Haemorrhagic shock is one of the leading causes of death among soldiers on the battlefield. Axiostat is a 100% chitosan haemostatic dressing that helps stop severe arterial bleeding due to cuts, punctures and lacerations. Axiostat is available in 12 countries across Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. So far, Axio has sold around 200,000 units and was notably used in the Russia-Ukraine war front in 2014.

Target Sectors:
Medical Device, Fabrics, Security
Mohanraj Ganesan, Manager, International Sales
Advamedica, Inc., Cambridge, MA
+1-91 95 00636882; mohanraj@axiobio.com


Night Vision Devices


New Mini BNVD-SG
Lightest Fully Functional Dual Tube Goggle in the World

Mini BNVD-SG, AAA Version, has a system weight of sub 415 grams and are the lightest fully functional dual tube goggles in the world. This system runs on one AAA battery for 16+ hours. The MINI features a TACTICAL monocular cutoff which turns off power to each channel whenever rotated up and out of the users’ line of sight. Like all other NVD products, the MINI-BNVD-SG features our best in the business, 10 year warranty.


Have Night Vision Monos but Want Binos?
NVD PVS-14 conversion to dual tube binoculars

Do you want state of the art dual-tube night vision binoculars but don’t have the budget? Do you have several PVS-14 night vision monoculars currently? Night Vision Devices can upgrade two of your PVS-14s, even broken ones, into BNVD-SGs!

Target Sectors:
Night Vision, Optics, Surveillance, Binoculars
Catherine Zile, Marketing Manager
Night Vision Devices, Inc., Allentown, PA
+1-610-395-9743, catherine.zile@nvdevices.com


Intelligent Devices

Introducing MS99 Voice Privacy System
A carefully designed, secure and customized audio mask to protect your sensitive conversations

MS99 creates an advanced, leading-edge audio mask to protect discussions from eavesdropping, technical collection attempts, and unauthorized personnel. This portable voice privacy system is ideal for travel security scenarios with in-depth approach, and protects sensitive conversations in unsecured areas.

Target Sectors:
Communications, Travel, Conference Rooms
Tim Areson, Vice President
Intelligent Devices, Inc., Columbia, MD
+1-301-498-7590; areson@intdevices.com


Tactical Support Equipment, Inc.

New Waterproof K-9 Camera High Power Version 2
Day/Night Low Light Camera

The NEW Waterproof High Power K9 Camera Kit from Tactical Support Equipment Inc. is waterproof, salt water resistant with internal battery compartment. The system now incorporates a Color Day/Night Camera that visually outperforms any other K9 Camera in low light situations. The infrared illuminator is now controlled by the camera, so it is able turn the illuminator on and off as needed and save battery life.

Target Sectors:
Surveillance, Communications, Training
Richard Lovato, Vice President
Tactical Support Equipment, Inc., Fayetteville, NC 
+1-910-425-3360; rlovato@tserecon.com


N-Vision Optics

N-Vision Optics Launches Line of ATLAS 12 Micron Thermal Binoculars
See the ATLAS Thermal Binocular, and Other N-Vision Optics Products at Booth 6K158

N-Vision Optics is pleased to announce the launch of the ATLAS line of thermal binoculars as the first commercially available thermal binoculars based on 12-micron technology. Lightweight and fully waterproof, the N-Vision Optics ATLAS Thermal Binocular is extremely robust and capable. Constructed with durable composite plastics, it is significantly smaller in size and weight in comparison to other thermal binoculars on the market.

N-Vision Optics Wide Field of View (WFOV) PVS-15 Night Vision Binocular
N-Vision Optics is pleased to present the WFOV (Wide Field of View) PVS-15 night vision binocular, which features a ground breaking 80° circular field of view without compromising resolution, size, weight, or power consumption (SWaP). Based upon the legacy AN/PVS-15, which is in service with Special Forces Units worldwide, the WFOV PVS-15 provides double the standard 40° FOV found in most head/helmet mounted night vision devices.

Target Sectors:
Optics, Military, Search and Rescue
Max Rivkin, President
N-Vision Optics, Needham, MA
+1-781-505-8360; info@nvisionoptics.com


Block Engineering, Inc.

Laser Warn Wide Area Gas Detection System
New Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology provides large area gas and chemical detection.

Block Engineering’s new Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) Laser Warn system provides chemical and gas monitoring of up to 500 sq meters with just one system. Laser Warn is easy to install and comes equipped with a comprehensive library of the most common Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals. Laser Warn is ideal for use in airport terminals, metro stations, railway stations and VIP facilities.

Target Sectors:
CBRN, Chemical Detection
Gerald Rondoe, Director, International Sales
Marlborough, MA,
+1-781-354-8964; royr9591@gmail.com


Mission Less Lethal, LLC

Mission Less Lethal Debuts Next Generation Less Lethal Systems

Announcing the EU debut of our revolutionary new XC68 series less lethal projectiles and launchers. Showcasing our more than 20 years of innovation, these systems offer unmatched range, accuracy, and versatility in a truly non-lethal platform. With up to 8 times the payload of currently available products, the XC68 decreases liability & cost while improving operational versatility and outcomes. Options include OC, CS, blends, marking agents, glass breaking, impact, and training projectiles.

Target Sectors:
Less Lethal Weapons, Civil Order, Crowd Control
Eric Bratten, Managing Member
Mission Less Lethal, LLC, Ft. Wayne, IN
+1-260-804-3742; ebratten@missionlesslethal.com



MOHOC® Cameras Are the Only Tactical Cameras Custom-Built for Helmets, Weapons, and K9 Units

Revolutionary MOHOC® Cameras are the first helmet cameras to be fully ruggedized for operational use and are deployed with law enforcement agencies and military organizations around the world.

Target Sectors:
Surveillance, Training, Communications
John Prosser, Director of International Sales
MOHOC, Inc., Seattle, WA
+1-206-806-1391; jprosser@mohoc.com



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