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The USA Partnership Pavilion at Hospitalar 2024

Hospitalar connects the market and brings together buyers and suppliers of the sector, promoting networking and partnerships that have generated even more businesses.

About the Show

Hospitalar 2024, presented by Informa Markets, stands as an unparalleled opportunity for U.S. healthcare companies to showcase their innovations on a global stage. As a premier tradeshow in the healthcare industry, Hospitalar attracts a diverse and influential audience, offering a unique platform for companies to network, collaborate, and gain exposure in the Latin American market. With a rich diversity of healthcare professionals, decision-makers, and industry experts in attendance, exhibiting at Hospitalar 2024 provides a strategic avenue for U.S. companies to engage with key stakeholders, forge valuable partnerships, and explore business prospects in one of the world's fastest-growing healthcare markets. The Informa Markets tradeshow format ensures a dynamic and comprehensive experience, allowing exhibitors to stay abreast of industry trends, showcase their cutting-edge solutions, and position themselves at the forefront of the evolving healthcare landscape. Participation in Hospitalar 2024 is not merely an exhibition; it's an investment in visibility, growth, and the future of healthcare innovation.

Floor Plan & Digital Directory

Looking for solutions that lead to better healthcare outcomes?

Among the many reasons to visit Hospitalar in Sao Paulo in May, the USA Partnership Pavilion features America’s most innovative partners, products and services.

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Boost your brand exposure at Hospitalar 2024!

Unlock unparalleled visibility and elevate your brand at Hospitalar by seizing exclusive partnership opportunities with the USA Partnership Pavilion, curated by Kallman Worldwide. Partners gain unprecedented exposure, enjoying a level of branding that surpasses other exhibitors at the show. Moreover, Kallman offers the flexibility of customizable branding packages, ensuring your partnership aligns seamlessly with your unique objectives and maximizes your impact at Hospitlar 2024. Elevate your presence, forge valuable connections, and make a lasting impression on the global healthcare stage with the USA Partnership Pavilion.

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Hospitalar 2024 Travel Accomodations


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Embark on a seamless journey to success at Hospitalar 2024 with Kallman Worldwide's USA Partnership Pavilion, where excellence meets opportunity. In collaboration with our dedicated Latin America office, Kallman USA is set to redefine your exhibitor experience, clearing a pathway to unparalleled success in the healthcare industry.

Why Choose the USA Partnership Pavilion?

Seamless Integration: With the combined expertise of Kallman Worldwide and our Santiago-based Latin America office, we offer a holistic approach to your exhibitor experience. Seamlessly integrate into the dynamic landscape of Hospitalar 2024 with our tailored solutions.

Cultural Fluency: Our Latin America office brings cultural fluency to the forefront, providing you with a home-field advantage. Navigate the intricacies of the local market with confidence, fostering connections and maximizing your impact.

Industry-Leading Support: Benefit from Kallman Worldwide's decades of experience in organizing events and exhibit spaces. Our strong working relationship with Hospitalar's organizers, Informa, ensures a streamlined process and access to key decision-makers.

Efficiency at Its Core: Kallman clears the way for your success by expediting processes and fast-tracking necessary forms. Focus on showcasing your innovations while we handle the logistics, allowing you to make the most of your time at this industry-leading event.

Partner with Kallman Worldwide for Success: No matter where you operate in the healthcare industry pipeline, the USA Partnership Pavilion is your gateway to visibility, impact, and success at Hospitalar 2024. Collaborate with us to secure prime exhibit space, unlock unparalleled support, and position your company for a triumphant presence at this influential event. Elevate your brand, forge meaningful connections, and chart the course for a more prosperous future with Kallman Worldwide.

About the Pavilion


Prime exhibit space & quality designs

Built on the idea that an organized group of U.S. exhibitors is easier to find than stand-alone booths scattered throughout a show, the USA Pavilions always attract a crowd.


Meet qualified buyers

Connect with key decision-makers from government entities, hospitals, healthcare organizations, dealers, and distributors. From our VIP Tour to Networking events, the USA Pavilion will attract the people you need to meet.


Professional Amenities and Staff

Every USA Pavilion is staffed by an experienced event team dedicated to your success. Whether you need a liaison to the organizers, tech support, a contractor, caterer, translator, printer, or help tracking down a shipment... we're here to help.


Build key relationships

Cultivate relationships, build strong connections, and establish lasting partnerships with your peers as you meet face-to-face.


Exclusive events and programs

As an exhibitor you have exclusive access to all Pavilion events, including our Opening Ceremony and Ribbon-Cutting, off and on-site hospitality receptions, business and market insight briefings, and special presentations.

Exhibit Options

From first concepts to finishing touches, our global network of professional designers, suppliers and builders stands ready to deliver our best for your brand. Whether you’re looking to build a small-scale sales and promotional stand or a larger multipurpose presence, the Partnership Pavilion offers three booth options to fit every purpose at any price. Not only can our team locate you a spot within the USA Partnership Pavilion, we will also help you secure your space within the show at large.

USA Partnership Pavilion Turnkey Package

Bring your products, promotions and people and move right in. Our templated designs and materials give your booth the uniform “look-and-feel” of the Pavilion while allowing you the flexibility to customize and scale your layout.

USA Partnership Pavilion Space Only

Get in on the ground floor with this raw space option. Already have a design that fits your needs? Book your space in the pavilion for a prime location, and allow your team to design your build, with additional Pavilion benefits.

Custom Build with Kallman Creative Services

Turn that raw floor space into a showplace! Work with Kallman Creative Services to design and build a standout exhibit from the ground up. Whether your emphasis is on high-end hosting and hospitality or high-volume lead-generation, challenge our team to create the perfect scheme.

Exhibit Outside the Pavilion at Hospitalar

Not only can our team find you a great location in the USA Partnership Pavilion, but as the U.S. Representative of Hospitalar, if you prefer a specific location in the show at large, we’re also here to help.  Either way, we’re focused on helping your company engage in the dynamic Brazilian market in a manner that best aligns with your marketing needs.

These U.S. companies were at Hospitalar 2023!

2023 USA Partnership Pavilion Stats



Exhibiting Companies



States Represented

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Meet Your Team
Tracy Plant
Sales Account Executive
Michael Beltrone
Operations Specialist
Kate Fitzpatrick
Project Coordinator
Philippa Ewart
Marketing and Communications, Special Projects
Peter Kelley
Program Manager
Jodi Munzer
Sales Manager, Healthcare & Energy