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The USA Partnership Pavilion at MSPO 2023

This year's MSPO is held in Kielce, Poland from September 5th to 8th, 2023. The prestigious event is supported by the Polish Armaments Group as the Strategic Event Partner with Mr Andrzej Duda, the Republic of Poland President's Auspices as an Honorary Guest.


About the Show


MSPO is a dynamic event with a comprehensive presentation of military equipment that facilitates business meetings and contract negotiation between manufacturers from different continents and their various defense entities.

From the first day of the jubilee MSPO, the exhibition of military equipment and modern technology is accompanied by numerous dynamic shows that attract a prominent group of people and generate an avid interest. The latest anti-drone systems, modern tools used by the military, unmanned aerial vehicles and thermal imaging cameras; these are only some examples of the assortment proudly presented at show demonstrations.

MSPO 2022 Stats



 Exhibitors from 33 Countries

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 Delegations from 39 Countries

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About the Pavilion

1280x800 (12)

Prime exhibit space & quality designs

Built on the idea that an organized group of USA exhibitors is easier to find than stand-alone booths scattered throughout a show, the USA Partnership Pavilion always attracts a crowd.

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Meet qualified buyers

Connect with key decision-makers in all branches of the armed forces, local defense entities, military equipment and vehicle makers, gear and safety development and technology professionals. From our VIP Tour to Networking events, the USA Partnership Pavilion will attract the people you need to meet.


Professional Amenities and Staff

Every USA Partnership Pavilion is staffed by an experienced event team dedicated to your success. Whether you need a liaison to the organizers, tech support, a contractor, caterer, translator, printer, or help tracking down a shipment... we're here to help.

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Build key relationships

Cultivate relationships, build strong connections, and establish lasting partnerships with your peers as you meet face-to-face.

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Exclusive events and programs

As an exhibitor you have exclusive access to all Pavilion events, including our Opening Ceremony and Ribbon-Cutting, off and on-site hospitality receptions, business and market insight briefings, and special presentations.


Why the USA Partnership Pavilion

For more than a decade, Kallman Worldwide has been active in supporting American participation in MSPO.  This experience translates in valuable ways to the benefit of American exhibitors at this year’s show: a prime location within the exhibit halls, robust pre-show publicity and social media exposure; Department of Commerce and American Embassy resources to identify sales opportunities and prospective customers.

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Why Visit MSPO 2023

For over 30 years MSPO has been the leading event for Poland’s defense industry.
For years Poland has been in the process of upgrading their military. The Poland Military Modernization Plan was created with the goal to revamp and transform their military into a modern NATO-capable force. The current Russia-Ukraine war only exacerbates the situation in Eastern Europe.

Poland’s 2022 defense budget increased defense spending to about $15.1 billion (PLN 57.8 billion). It is PLN 5.9 billion more than in 2021 and an 11.5% increase over 2021. It is set at the level of 2.2% of 2021 GDP. Poland has indicated defense spending would grow to 3.0% in 2023.
Over the next 15 years Poland will spend (133 billion) for new weapons and equipment in all areas of their military operations. The Polish government announced the purchase of 96 AH-64E Apache helicopters. Not including the Apache deal, Poland had already made $1.4 billion in contract announcements at MSPO 2022.

Polish and global defense industry leaders' expo stands showcase helicopters, armored equipment and rockets, explosives, chemical troops equipment and materials. Armaments and aviation equipment are abundant - air-defense systems indispensable for air defense forces and the navy, and many more. The companies which offer cutting-edge communication and ICT technologies, radio-electronic equipment and optoelectronics also showcase in 2023's MSPO. The exhibition scope also encompasses foodstuffs and food preparation systems, storage and transport, a plethora of uniforms in different forms and for different purposes, medical supplies and accessories.

MSPO Show Focus 

Target Group

Military professionals who support defense and safety from police, border control as well as the supporting industries to include equipment, gear, technology, communication systems, transportation vehicles and systems, logistical solutions and rescue services


What You Can Expect to See

• Armored equipment
• Classical armament, missiles and explosive materials
• Equipment and materials for chemical services
• Aviation and air defense armament and equipment
• Naval armament and equipment
• Special equipment for Police
• Special equipment for Border Guards
• Extinguishing and rescue equipment
• Transport equipment (wheeled, tracked and amphibian), also for special use
• Radio- and opto-electronic equipment; Communication and information technologies; Metrology equipment
• Defense infrastructure equipment
• Engineering equipment
• Groceries and equipment for meal preparing storage and transportation
• Uniform articles
• Fuels, exploitation liquids and equipment for their distribution and storage
• Medical equipment and materials, individual first aid kits;
• Subassemblies, equipment and systems of people and property protection

Exhibiting Companies

Media Information



Journalists from 39 Countries

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Media Partners



TV Features



Radio Features

And 10,772 Publications in all-Poland Press and info portals!

Media Partners

Check out the USA Partnership Pavilion Media Kit with exclusive U.S. Exhibitor news!

Partners & Sponsors

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Floor Plan & Digital Directory

Among the many reasons to visit MSPO in Kielce, Poland last year, the USA Partnership Pavilion featured America’s most innovative partners, products and services.

Explore exhibitor profiles, products & services, and more on SourceHere.com, the official Digital Directory of the USA Partnership Pavilion.


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"The USA Partnership Pavilion delivers more than just a high level of walk-up visitors - it enables us to connect with not only those visitors, but other US companies within the Pavilion, who make up the bulk of our customer base." 

Alfred Struna
Forecast International


"I’ve never received such great support at a show! International shows have their added challenges, and Kallman clearly knows how to adapt and take care of the booth teams in attendance. We’ve had numerous comments from the upper management on the great booth design. All agree the custom work you did was perfect in showcasing our products and services. Looking forward to working more shows together! Thank you to you and your team."

Cathi Anthony
Cubic Corporation

Meet Your Team
Sonia Perrone
Project Manager
Evelyn Roberts
Project Coordinator
Michael Beltrone
Operations Specialist
Laura Rossi
Senior Sales Account Executive
Kevin Tighe
Sales Account Executive
Philippa Ewart
Marketing and Communications, Special Projects

USA Partnership Pavilion Space Now Available at MSPO 2023! 

Our team can get you in contact with the right person - from securing your space, to building your booth, to shipping your products to the show-site, we're here for you.