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We love trade, the whole human risk-reward-since-the beginning-of-time equation. It’s the foundation of civilization — and our organization. KW60 is a six-decade montage of who’s-whos, what’s-whats, and look-at-thats that changed the trade show game. (Did you know Kallman introduced the worldwide web to the Farnborough Airshow organizers in 1998?!)
Look back with us. We'll look forward with you.

Who are these people?!

Aug 24, 2023

“Who are these people?!” By Rob French, Sales Account Executive When I started working with Kallman Worldwide in 2018 I was really excited, but also a little apprehensive. For years I’d worked in international sales for a small oil and gas company based out of Houston.  Next thing you know, I’m…

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It wasn’t just the big things that got my attention

Jul 25, 2023

“It wasn’t just the big things that got my attention.” By Carol Poteete, Finance Manager I joined the company eight years ago after more than 25 in the electronics industry. I must say Kallman is the most unique company I’ve worked for. It is a small company with big ideas,…

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Driving home the point

Jul 24, 2023

Driving home the point By Chris Meyer, Director, Corporate Communications When I look through this KW60 lens I think about our value for service. Kallman’s DNA is ORI. It stands for opportunities, relationships, and impact. We create unique opportunities for you to build business relationships around the world by maximizing…

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