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USA Partnership Pavilion at Asian Defense and Security (ADAS) 2024

Hosted by APAC EXPO PTE LTD, Asian Defense & Security (ADAS) 2024 is the Fifth Asian Defense and Security, Crisis & Disaster Management Exhibition and Conference. In Manila from 25 to 27 September 2024, ADAS 2024 will serve the Philippines and the wider Asia Pacific region.


About the Show

Kallman Worldwide will host the inaugural USA Partnership Pavilion at the Fifth Edition, Asian Defense & Security (ADAS) 2024.

The Fourth Edition was the largest show in the history of the Series and was nothing short of success. Now established as The Philippines' Flagship Defense and Security event, the Fifth Edition, ADAS 2024, is anticipated to be even grander and stronger. It is a must-attend only Tri-Service event in the international defense industry in the region.

ADAS 2024 addresses the specific requirements of the Department of National Defense, the National Security Council, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police, the Philippine Coast Guard and many other defense and security agencies. Participating exhibitors in the show will be able to fully evaluate their ongoing modernization and upgrading needs.

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About the Pavilion


Prime Exhibit Space & Quality Designs

Built on the idea that an organized group of USA exhibitors is easier to find than stand-alone booths scattered throughout a show, the USA Partnership Pavilion always attracts a crowd.


Meeting Qualified Buyers

Connect with key decision-makers from government entities, hospitals, healthcare organizations, dealers, and distributors. From our VIP Tour to Networking events, the USA Partnership Pavilion will attract the people you need to meet.


Professional Amenities & Staff

Every USA Partnership Pavilion is staffed by an experienced event team dedicated to your success. Whether you need a liaison to the organizers, tech support, a contractor, caterer, translator, printer, or help tracking down a shipment... we're here to help.


Builing Key Relationships

Cultivate relationships, build strong connections, and establish lasting partnerships with your peers as you meet face-to-face.


Exclusive Events & Programs

As an exhibitor you have exclusive access to all Pavilion events, including our Opening Ceremony and Ribbon-Cutting, off and on-site hospitality receptions, business and market insight briefings, and special presentations.

Exhibit Options

From first concepts to finishing touches, our global network of professional designers, suppliers and builders stands ready to deliver our best for your brand. Whether you’re looking to build a small-scale sales and promotional stand or a larger multipurpose presence, the Partnership Pavilion offers three booth options to fit every purpose at any price. Not only can our team locate you a spot within the USA Partnership Pavilion, we will also help you secure your space within the show at large.

USA Partnership Pavilion Turnkey Package

Bring your products, promotions and people and move right in. Our templated designs and materials give your booth the uniform “look-and-feel” of the Pavilion while allowing you the flexibility to customize and scale your layout.

USA Partnership Pavilion Space Only

Get in on the ground floor with this raw space option. Already have a design that fits your needs? Book your space in the pavilion for a prime location, and allow your team to design your build, with additional Pavilion benefits.

Custom Build with Kallman Creative Services

Turn that raw floor space into a showplace! Work with Kallman Creative Services to design and build a standout exhibit from the ground up. Whether your emphasis is on high-end hosting and hospitality or high-volume lead-generation, challenge our team to create the perfect scheme.

Exhibit Outside the Pavilion at ADAS

Not only can our team find you a great location in the USA Partnership Pavilion, but as the U.S. Representative of ADAS, if you prefer a specific location in the show at large, we’re also here to help.  Either way, we’re focused on helping your company engage in the dynamic Philippine market in a manner that best aligns with your marketing needs.

Floor Plan & Digital Directory

Looking for solutions that lead to better  outcomes?

Among the many reasons to visit ADAS at the World Trade Center Metro in Manila, Philippines this September the USA Partnership Pavilion featured America’s most innovative partners, products and services.

Explore exhibitor profiles, products & services, and more on SourceHere.com, the official Digital Directory of the USA Partnership Pavilion.


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Defense News in the Philippines

U.S. Department of Defense

April 3, 2023: Philippines, U.S. Announce Locations of Four New EDCA Sites

The United States stands steadfastly in support of the Philippines as we announced plans today to expand the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Arrangement (EDCA) to include four new sites: Naval Base Camilo Osias in Santa Ana, Cagayan; Camp Melchor Dela Cruz in Gamu, Isabela; Balabac Island in Palawan; and Lal-lo Airport in Cagayan.

Defence Blog

October 20, 2023: Philippines Buys C-130J-30 Super Hercules Tactical Airlifters

By Colton Jones

According to a press release from Lockheed Martin, by choosing the C-130J, the Philippines joins the ranks of 21 other nations that rely on this versatile aircraft to meet their tactical airlift mission requirements.

Asia Times

November 16, 2023: Philippines Becoming a Military Hub for Checking China

By Richard Javad Heydarian

The annual Kamandag exercises now underway in the Philippines are making a multinational splash with an estimated 2,749 participating troops, including 1,732 from the Philippines, 902 from the US, 57 from South Korea, 50 from Japan and eight from the United Kingdom.

Market News

The Philippine government has proposed a core 2024 defence budget of PHP233 billion (US $4.1 billion). The budget represents a double-digit increase over the baseline allocation in 2023 and has been announced amid growing tensions between Manila and Beijing.

The new defence budget includes PHP144 billion (US $2.59 billion) for personnel expenses, PHP69 billion (US $1.24 billion) for maintenance and other operating expenses, and PHP17 billion (US $306 million) for capital outlay. Funding for capital outlay does not include appropriations through the long-running Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization Program (RAFPMP).

Including the RAFPMP and other defence funding streams, Janes Defence Budgets assesses the total 2024 allocation for the Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) could grow to more than PHP366 billion (US $6.6 billion). According to documents issued by the Philippine Department of Budget and Management, the 2024 defence budget provides the Philippine Army with nearly half the annual expenditure. The army will receive PHP121 billion (US $2.18 billion) or 52% of the baseline defence budget, with nearly PHP95 billion (US $1.71 billion) of this set aside for personnel expenses.

The Philippine Air Force will receive PHP44.7 billion (or 19%) (US $806 million) and the Philippine Navy has been allocated PHP41 billion (US $739 million) (or 18% of the core defence allocation). The AFP general headquarters receives nearly PHP15 billion (US $270 million) and the Government Arsenal, the Philippines' state-owned small-arms and ammunition manufacturer, is allocated nearly PHP2 billion (US $36 million).

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Media Partners
Arkansas Economic Development Commission

"We’re honored to be a part of the USA Partnership Pavilion — companies from all around the world understand that the United States is favorable place to do business, and within that we want to highlight our state of Arkansas. So being recognized as a state in the United States and being grouped together with other states that are having success in the Aerospace Industry helps us and we’re proud to be affiliated." 

Clint O’Neal
Arkansas Economic Development Commission

Industrial Metals International LTD

"Kallman Worldwide made our exhibiting experience incredibly easy! Including conference rooms in the Pavilion package was a fantastic benefit. Being part of the USA Partnership Pavilion, which represents global leaders of the aviation industry, assures we'll meet the right customers."

Aimee Okamoto
Industrial Metals International LTD

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Megan Ekert
Project Coordinator
Sonia Perrone
Project Manager
Evelyn Roberts
Project Coordinator
Laura Rossi
Senior Sales Account Executive
Brian Keller
Sales Manager, Defense & Security

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