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Kallman Worldwide is the Official USA Sales Agent at Gastech 2024

Transforming energy through vision, innovation and action

Houston: Energy Capital of the World

Houston, often regarded as the energy capital of the world, has a reputation for solving some of the world’s toughest energy challenges. Set against the backdrop of the USA becoming the world’s largest LNG exporter, Gastech provides access to the wealth of knowledge within Houston’s renowned energy ecosystem. Home to over 4,700 energy-related firms, the region remains at the forefront of foreign investment in energy. The critical mass created by a high concentration of companies and thought leaders yields opportunities for all sectors of the energy industry, including a growing focus on energy tech and alternative forms of energy. As Houston continues to leverage its unique strengths with expertise, talent, and ability to scale, the region is creating an environment that naturally fosters emerging digital technology companies and their R&D work. Houston is the perfect host for Gastech – the world’s largest energy exhibition and conference for natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, climate technologies, and low-carbon solutions

About the Show

With over 800 exhibitors, Gastech is the largest energy exhibition and conference for natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, climate technologies, low-carbon solutions and energy manufacturing – areas that will provide the defining answers of the coming decades as the world decarbonizes its energy systems. 

 Gastech provides a global platform for businesses to showcase the latest strategies and cutting-edge innovation to industry leaders, decision makers, and financiers across the energy value chain. From the largest technology providers and energy suppliers to the most game-changing start-ups. 

Key Themes:

Energy Transition
Climate Tech

Why Exhibit?

Gastech’s Exhibition will enable solution providers to showcase new products, technologies, strengthen and build relationships, and do business across the entire energy value chain, including natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, low-carbon solutions, and climate technologies. 

The exhibition has a track record of generating billions in dollars of contracts and provides an exceptional opportunity for participants to explore the latest solutions, services, and technologies that will increase efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance business performance. 

Why Kallman Worldwide?

Kallman Worldwide brings decades of experience organizing events and exhibit space all over the world. Work with us to lock in your location, fast-track your forms and maximize your impact at any of these important, influential events. No matter where you operate in the industry pipeline, Kallman will make sure you have the attention you need to succeed.

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